Going plastic-free has just gotten easier.

If the continuous stream of harrowing ecological stories in the news has done anything, it's made the consumer more sustainability-focused and brands more aware of the hazards of single-use plastic. 

Cue a drop in sales of face wipes, a rise in bamboo packaging and acute brand awareness where there never was before. 

Enter LOOP. The first ever waste-free shopping platform, LOOP's chief aim is to reduce the world's reliance on single-use packaging.

It's 'an innovative new delivery model for premium durable packaging which is shipped directly to the consumer, returned and refilled.'

So when the product is delivered to your door, you don't actually own the packaging, just the product inside. 

Like an old-school milkman, but for everything from ice cream to face wash to shampoo. This decreases the size of your carbon footprint considerably, due to the complete elimination of all things single-use plastic. 

No more rubbish to be added to various bins, all one must do when using Loop is to drop your used empties back into the Loop Tote and schedule a free pick-up from your home. 

Loop is launching in Spring 2019 in the United States and France and in London this Autumn. 

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