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The Irish-Made Organic Products That Promise Stronger, Healthier + Longer Lashes And Eyebrows

Matching some of the higher-end products on the market to date, Luxe Dublin's collection is changing the game for Irish-owned beauty businesses.

The beauty industry has changed exponentially in recent years. 

With newer – and seemingly, better – product lines dropping almost daily, it can be easy to grow confused in a saturated market filled with pseudoscience.

While most aficionados tend to stick with a small cohort of editors and experts to tend to their beauty needs, many fall under the weight of information marketed at us weekly. Not to mention the ecological affect of ordering an endless supply of products from relatively unknown sources. 

Independent members of the beauty industry have suffered near-fatal wounds by way of the pandemic, which is why we want to champion brilliant Irish experts and products when we can. 

Rianna Moore is the proud owner of Luxe Dublin, a beauty studio based in Rathmines, Dublin 6 offering an exclusive service in bespoke lash and brow treatments. Despite her young age – Moore was just 23 when she launched originally – her drive and tenacity has pillared her business to a point where she is successfully dropping her fourth product this week. 

"My passion for beauty started very young, through my years of Irish dancing I was in the deep end of costumes, wigs, makeup and tan," she tells Irish Tatler

"[In my early twenties] I worked around the clock to train with the best lash and brow trainers across Ireland and the UK to qualify, perfect my skills and bring my own individuality to the industry."

Boasting an impressive clientele for her brow and lash services – ranging from successful models to influencers – Moore also decided to branch out by way of producing a number of handmade, vegan and organic products for those keen to try at home. 

These are:

  • REVIVE LASH (€23)

A lash oil that helps to repair damaged follicles, grow and strengthen lashes and can be used as an undereye serum to reduce dark circles and fine lines.

  • BROW BALM (€16)

A balm formula that has been created to stimulate hair growth and repair damaged hair follicles to produce hair growth and give full, strong and healthy brows. It can also be used around the brow area, where fine lines may have appeared from excess waxing or plucking. 

  • SCULPTED (€19)

A styling soap to hold brows in place while also strengthen and condition them. 


Exactly like the original soap, but a brown hue – the first on the Irish and UK market.

"There were a couple of things that were really important to me when I was creating this product range, one of them was all of my products, from my ingredients to my packaging would all be ethically sourced and from small Irish businesses, because of the struggle of the pandemic I wanted to support as many other businesses as I could within my own business," she said. 

"I wanted all of my products to be completely vegan, 100% organic and all handmade. Making my products 100% organic was something that is really important to me and should be really important to you too.

"During my product research I came across some very frightening ingredients In our everyday hair and skin care products, one of the ingredients in nearly every lash, brow and skincare product as antifreeze. This was only one of an arms-length of nasty ingredients that are not necessary and we can get better results from natural products.

"I'm proud to announce that my products include ingredients to promote eye health, circulation, powerful antioxidants and will repair damaged cells. I am excited for the future of the Luxe range and hope to add much more skin, hair and cosmetic products in the future."

For more information on Luxe, you can follow their Instagram or visit their website here

Main image by @inbeautmag

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