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How To Shape Your Brows At Home, According To Meghan Markle's Personal Make Up Artist

Rule #1: Treat your eyebrows as "sisters not twins."

Duchess-worthy arches are now even more achievable.

When the world isn't talking about Meghan Markle's hairshoe size, or exposed shoulders—they're talking about her eyebrows.

While they're not full, brushed-out brows that we typically aim for, the duchess' brows present an understated and chic version of the modern brow shape. And if you've ever caught yourself lusting for Duchess brows of your very own, you're in luck because Meghan's longtime friend and personal makeup artist, Daniel Martin, is not treating the trick to achieving them like a state secret.

Martin appeared on ITV's Lorraine this week, where he explained the tricks behind Meghan's brows, as well as his own top dos and don'ts for maintaining perfect arches yourself.

First off, Martin said that people need to treat their eyebrows "as sisters not twins," meaning that perfect symmetry doesn't need to be the end goal (which is a huge relief, since trying to achieve perfect brow balance is an embarrassing moment from a rom-com waiting to happen), and reminded viewers that eyebrows frame the face—meaning they have a big impact on your overall beauty look.

Below are some of the tips Martin, who famously did Meghan's makeup (brows included) for her royal wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018, shared during the segment:

figure out the structure:

"As we age we tend to lose our eyebrows a bit," explained Martin while appearing on Lorraine.

"So what we want to do, is we want to enhance her brow and really figure out that structure, really figure out those holes and spots that we lost."


Martin then explained that using a brow gel to brush against the hair growth is key to not only making the most out of the product but for an optimum brow game too. He didn't endorse a specific brand, but Legendary Brows from Charlotte Tilbury is a good place to start if you're just journeying into the world of brow gel. 


But as any brow-enthusiast knows, one product is never enough. 

Martin suggests keeping a neutral eyeshadow palette on hand and applying a lighter shade of powder just below the brow for a fuller look."So when you go in, go one shade lighter and just fill it in," he explained. This will help the brow to appear "fuller."


Now before you go and having traumatic flashbacks to your days of using hairspray as setting spray, hear Martin out. "I feel like once you get to a place with your brow you can use a setting. I have a friend who puts hair spray on a mascara spoolie and finishes off her brow like that," he said.

Which, when you think about it, makes a lot of sense - considering eyebrows are hair. 


Although Rihanna made a serious case for '90s brows when appearing on the cover of Vogue last year, they're not the look Meghan nor Martin is going for. 

"So one mistake a lot of people make is over-tweezing or over-plucking your brows," he said. "When that happens you want to find something that you can easily go in to apply but you don’t want to re-shape or re-structure your brow."

So there you have it: In order to achieve the Duchess of Sussex's perfect brow, we need to focus on fullness, use brow gel and some eyeshadow, add a little hairspray, and make sure not to over pluck.

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