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Sorry To Be Blunt – But The Bob Is Dead

It's a long story...

Step away from the scissors! 

There's long hair, and then there's extra long hair. The former is the bland look often worn by young girls. The latter, however, is a luxury reserved for one-name A-listers like Cher, Rihanna, Ariana, Kim...the list goes on. Now it appears the trend has made it was to the mane of one Meghan Markle. 

On July 14, Markle delivered a keynote speech to the Girl Up Leadership Summit via webcam from her Los Angeles home. The speech was made to an audience of more than 40,000, urging women to always build each other up and use their voices. The Duchess of Sussex's speech was beautiful and powerful, just as you would expect. However, after the world digested Meghan's incredible 10-minute long address, the compliments began to roll in from Meghan devotees, swooning over her ever-amazing hair, which seems to have grown inches upon inches while hair salons remained closed on lockdown. It’s certainly a switch-up from the three signature looks Markle has become well-known for—bouncy waves, a low bun and a slick ponytail—but it’s also effortless and laid-back, right in line with her style. It's unclear whether or not Meghan's extra growth was aided by hair extensions or simply a result of her time spent in lockdown. Either way, it's further proof that the bob is dead. 

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Despite the glaring impracticality of having 32 inches of hair flowing from your head, somehow, Cher Hair, Rapunzel hair, XL hair–call it what you will is coming for your mane this summer. Pulled into high ponytails, bundled into buns, braided, twisted or left to tumble down, waist-skimming strands never fail to grab attention. 

When the blunt bob and loose lob reigned hair supreme over the past few seasons, it was easy to emulate. A pair of scissors and a steady hand was all you needed. However, hair-down-to-there isn't so achievable, unless you've been growing your hair out since 1993. So how can us mere mortals who go by two names - not one - ever achieve such #hairgoals? 

Well, in the few minutes it took you to read this far, your hair grew .00005787 inches. So maybe time is all you need but for those with a lack of patience, there are some effective solutions to help speed up hair growth. Getting regular trims and regularly treating your hair to some hard-earned TLC goes a long way, but sometimes some extra help from hair growth–promoting products and supplements can do the trick do.

So in the name of longer, stronger hair this season, we've rounded up 5 of the best products for hair growth.


Perhaps the easiest way to start working a hair growth-enhancing product into your existing routine? Swap out your shampoo, more specifically, switch it out for this formula. French pharmacy brand Klorane created this Shampoo with quinine and B vitamins to revitalises and fortifies thinning hair whilst leaving a nice, sleek texture. In addition to cleaning the hair, the gentle formula also stimulates microcirculation, revitalises the scalp and fortifies thinning hair leaving hair more beautiful. Oh, and it comes with the Alexa Chung seal of approval. 

Buy it here. 


Healthy hair starts at the root, and these daily nutraceuticals create the perfect foundation to encourage stronger, longer, thicker hair. Strengthen strands that have become weak, damaged and resistant to normal growth caused by over styling, hormonal changes and the ageing process. Proving Cher hair is just a gulp away, DeeplyRooted counts Clean Clinical Vitamins™, amino acids, fruit and botanical extracts as key factors to giving your hair an extra lease of life. 

Buy it here. 


Many experts we've talked to recommend castor oil to aid lash and eyebrow growth, but word on Amazon is that the special oil can also work hair growth wonders on top of the scalp. "I am now a fan of castor oil!" one Amazon reviewer practically shouts. "I've always read that castor oil was great for hair growth, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using it on my eyebrows, lashes, and on my hair (my hair is natural, veryyyyy curly and colored), and in a month I can already tell a difference. My eyebrows seem much thicker, my hair is so soft, thick, and healthy. My lashes are looking thicker and longer. I also use this on my skin."

Buy it here. 

the Brush

Like peppermint shampoos, brushing your hair stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth. Brush your hair every day with a brush that stimulates your scalp. This helps spread the natural oils on your scalp through the ends of your hair, adding some conditioning and protection. Most of all the regular stimulation keeps blood circulation and activity up.

Buy it here.


Want long hair and want it now? Extensions are your new best friend. 

Made from the finest quality HD fibre hair (which looks as natural as human hair), the Cheryl x Easilocks clip-in hair extensions range is designed with technological advances allowing the hair to perform to a superior level. It's the only range with built-in memory fibre; which means the hairpieces return to their original state after washing, without any heat styling. For example, when the straight piece is washed, it will dry back straight; and when the wavy piece is washed, it will dry back wavy. Simply brush the hairpiece and allow it to dry naturally (or rough-dry it if under time pressure), and the piece will morph back to its original state. What's more, the Cheryl x Easilocks range is available in 16 different hair shades, with lengths of 22 inches for the longer piece and 16 inches for the shorter piece. If you're unsure of what colour you want, you can DM the Easilocks team on Instagram @Easilockshair to receive a colour match (it doesn't get much simpler than that).

Buy it here. 

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