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Meghan Markle's Makeup Artist Reveals Exactly How He Achieved Her Wedding Day Glow

In today's episode of how we're exactly like Meghan Markle...

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From being a fan of Beyoncé to wearing trainers from the high street - it seems we have a lot more in common with Meghan Markle than we ever could have thought. Today, however, Meghan Markle's longtime makeup artist, Daniel Martin confirmed that we're very much cut from the same cloth as the Duchess of Sussex.

On a recent episode of the beauty podcast, Gloss Angeles, Martin revealed the secret to Meghan's wedding day glow. An expensive highlighter? An illuminating primer? Her love for Prince Harry? No - it was in fact none other than the social media platform, Pinterest. 

Like a lot of us (even those of us who are not getting married any time soon), Meghan used Pinterest to plan her special day. More specifically, she used the website as a source of inspiration for her wedding day makeup.

"I didn’t have a makeup trial with her because we couldn’t make the time," Martin says as a guest on the podcast hosted by Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan. "I knew what she liked and didn’t like. We exchanged a few Pinterest pictures over text." explaining that Pinterest is a great tool to use as a reference for wedding makeup.

While he didn't reveal details of the photos that were saved, we do know one thing is for sure: there will have been plenty of freckles present.

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As for how they landed on such natural-looking makeup, "the dress [was] so architectural that if she had any more makeup on, you wouldn’t have even looked at the dress and that’s not what that moment is about," Martin told the hosts.

Fast forward a year later and Markle's wedding makeup look still serves as inspiration for many brides-to-be. And although we can't think of a better reference point than Meghan Markle, Martin urges brides to keep it to their own personal style, whether that's natural or bold. "You can't stray too far from who you want to be and who you are," says Martin. "The last thing you want to do is look at pictures and be like, 'I wasn't comfortable looking like that."

And that's where Pinterest comes in handy: "It’s finding those elements that you admire and you want to aspire to achieve, but at the same time, you have to have a sense of who you are in there," he says.

Now, if only we can get a glimpse into Markle's other Pinterest boards. Possibly, recipes? Or, house decor for Frogmore Cottage?

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