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The Best New Fragrances Of 2021 (So Far)

Meet your new signature scent.

Whether you're a cologne, aftershave or eau de parfum guy, it's time you updated your scent for warmer weather

You don't need us to tell you that daily routines have significantly changed this past year. In fact, virtually everyone you speak to has something to say about the ways in which their life has changed as a result of the global pandemic. Mostly, we have found ourselves replacing business attire with loungewear, foregoing razors and abandoning shoes altogether. And for the most part, these changes have become a welcome addition to our new normal. In fact, there is actually something quite wholesome about stripping things back to basics and being comfortable. 

Except when it comes to fragrance. When lockdown hit for the first time a hundred years ago, back in March 2020, many of us found ourselves reaching for fragrance less and less. After all, if no one’s smelling it, what’s the point? But as time went on, people started to realise that actually, scent is just the sort of spirit-lifting boost we all need in times of despair. We have used it as therapy, reaching for essential oils to unwind. It has been a reminder of loved ones we can’t see. We have baked just to fill our homes with a comforting aroma. It has even been a way of travelling the world when there are no plane tickets.

And while each of the fragrances on your shelf have the ability to transport you through time and space, it's time to go on a new adventure. It may not feel like it but soon, this will be all over and we'll all be returning to life as we knew it. We'll be back eating our favourite restaurants, shaking hands with colleagues, going on dates, hugging loved ones, laughing with friends over pints in the pub. It's exciting. But it's missing something:  this imminent social calendar will require a new odeur. You haven't been out in a while, and you want to impress. Plus, whatever cologne you decide on, that will forever be the scent that reminds you of the joy and happiness you felt when life resumed. 

But how does one find a new signature scent when shops are closed and smell-i-vision is yet to be invented? We're glad you asked. We've done the hard work for you and compiled together the ultimate men's fragrance shopping list. 

So whether you’re in the market for a new signature scent, are looking to build out your fragrance wardrobe or wanting to buy the man in your life a gift – check out our picks of the best new fragrances for men, below.


BOSS THE SCENT Pure Accord For Him, Eau de Toilette - €70

BOSS The Scent Pure Accord is unique in that it comes in both 'for him' and 'for her' variations. Launched this month, just in time for Valentine's Day, BOSS The Scent Pure Accord For Him opens with vivifying notes of ginger, leading into a heart of exotic Maninka fruit. A unique base note of sensual white suede brings the Eau de Toilette into a new olfactive territory, providing the perfect balance of warmth and light. Shop it here. 

CREED Aventus Cologne, €220

A fragrance launched to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the brand, Creed is now pursuing the current trend to reimagine legendary signature scents. However, unlike many of the other reformulations out there, the new Aventus Cologne has notable differences to its prototype. An aromatic burst of ginger, mandarin and effervescent pink peppercorn is complemented by a more deep-rooted heart of patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood before trailing off into a leathery balsamic base of styrax, birch, musk and tonka. Shop it here. 

Dolce & Gabbana K, Eau de Parfum, €101

Hot on the heels of Dolce & Gabbana K eau de toilette which only launched last year comes the the eau de parfum interpretation of the scent. It’s a totally different scent to the original formula, influenced by the earthy, rugged Tuscan landscape and not just an empowered spin-off. With a fusion of zesty citrus fruits, you’ll confuse your local park for the Italian countryside. Shop it here. 

Gucci Guilty Love Edition 2021 Pour Homme, €70

Following the successful first launch of Gucci Guilty Love Edition, the Gucci Guilty collection continues with Gucci Guilty Love Edition 2021. Set to become a modern declaration of passion and all it represents, Gucci Guilty Love Edition 2021 Pour Homme is a modern masculine creation that opens with refreshing Italian Lemon. White florals with honey tones enrich the scent’s notes of Orange Blossom Absolute and French Lavender. Completing this modern expression of sensuality and mystery, sophisticated Patchouli develops with hints of leather, green, woodiness and incense-like qualities. The dry-down is intensified with the masculine richness of Cedarwood. Shop it here. 

Skandinavisk Kapitel 12, Eau de Toilette, €49

Lauded for its naturally scented candles, diffusers and body care formulas with a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, Skandinavisk has launched its first line of fragrances for the skin. Founded in Copenhagen, the brand’s collection of three inaugural eaux de toilette stay faithful to its origins, inspired by the region’s silent forests, snow-capped mountains and silvery lakes. As with everything it makes, life balance and clean living have been core to its development. Created by perfumer Stephane Coez, Kapitel 12 is the runaway success of the trio: green and aromatic and composed around notes of heather, thyme, ground berries and leaf sap. Shop it here. 

Escentric Molecules Escentric 05 Eau de Toilette, €87

With fresh, zesty top notes of bergamot and orange, conjuring the optimistic scent of orange groves, and a lingering dry-down of cistus labdanum and mastic – two classic Mediterranean ingredients – that bring a sweet, leathery, resinous roundness, while fig lends a green, fruity ripeness. Simply spritz to be instantly whisked to Capri. Shop it here. 

Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum, €85

Montblanc Explorer combines the earthy rugged attitude of an explorer, combined with the crisp airy freshness of the mountain precipice. This new fragrance from Montblanc opens fresh and smooth with the combination of citrus and herbs. It then settles ever so slightly to a rugged scent thanks to the grassy note of vetiver, the smoky, buttery tones of leather, and an intense nuttiness of sandalwood. Everything about it is handsome too; from the sophisticated black bottle, which is minimalist in presentation but has a subtly luxurious feel, to the crystalline, mineral intensity of its olfactory signature – this is a fragrance that smells good and looks good. Shop it here. 

The Inimitable Mr Penhaligon Eau de Parfum, €235

Finally, the Penhaligon's patriarch joins the ever-expanding Portraits family. This new addition to the brand's most eccentric collection is an ode to William Penhaligon himself. A perfume for gentlemen, this new fragrance evokes a warm yet fresh scent. Created with Vetiver, one of perfumery's master ingredients. Shop it here. 

L’OCCITANE Bois Flotté, Eau de Parfum, €75

In L’OCCITANE latest collection, they have designed three new fragrances, each exploring and invoking the spirit of the magnificent locations around Provence. The trio of fragrances are truly unique and have captured three new and adventurous scents; centenary olive fields after the rain, driftwood rocked by the windy gusts and salt of the Mediterranean sea, and roasted shea almond at twilight. While creating products inspired by its location has always been at the essence of L’OCCITANCE, bringing the scents of Provence has never been so important for the brand. The first in a trio of new fragrances from L’OCCITANE, Bois Flotté is a scent that has never been captured before: driftwood rocked by the wind gusts and salt of the Mediterranean sea. Combined with an aromatic note of rosemary and the aquatic note of Mediterranean red seaweed, this is a tribute to the sea that rocks the Provençal roots of L’OCCITANE. Shop it here.

Atelier Cologne Lemon Island, Cologne Absolue, €118.04

In just one spray, this sun-kissed scent brings you to paradise. Inspired by the lemons grown in Rodrigues (a hidden island in the heart of the Indian Ocean), this newly launched fragrance features notes of jasmine and vanilla which compliment beautifully with the refreshing citrus scent of lemon. Its natural facets ensure a unique gender-fluid olfactive signature to its wearer. Shop it here. 

Main image courtesy of Penhaligon

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