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The Makeup Brand That Got Our Jaded Beauty Editor Really Excited Again

This is makeup for creative souls

Get ready to #LiveYourLook

As a beauty writer, my desk can be like a veritable conveyer belt of trendy, innovative skincare and makeup newness, but of late, most of the launches I've come across have left me somewhat wanting. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still obsessed with the world of beauty, but mass exposure to countless brands, all hawking variations of samey products via fresh-faced, bushy-browed millennials just doesn't inspire me all that much any more. 

It's all feels a bit jaded. If I didn't like Glossier so much, maybe I'd blame it and it's once-so compelling aesthetic, but as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery and my God, is there a lot of imitation around.

Then, like a breath of fresh beauty air, I met Zanna Rassi and her brand Milk Makeup.

Visiting Dublin for the first time (both on business or pleasure purposes), she singlehandedly reminded me what it is that I love so much about skin, colour and texture. 

The Milk Story 

Born in 2016, to founders (Zanna (a previous editor at Marie Claire), her husband, Georgie Greville and Dianna Ruth) at Milk Studios in New York - home to fashion, art, and other generally creative types – Milk Makeup has ‘cool’ in its DNA. 

But before you go likening it to the slew of other millennially-aimed beauty brands around, know that this one feels genuinely contemporary.

With a 120-product strong range – most of which come in stick and tube form – everything is really intuitive and malleable. Pigmented jumbo blushers melt into the dreamiest just-flushed hue on the skin, while the yellow face oil, Sunshine Oil delivers product via an insulin pen-esque rollerball.

Quirky things, like a temporary tattoo stamper and cannabis oil-infused mascara, lend so much personality to the brand too. 

Not interested in making anything that’s already on the market, Milk Makeup is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and 100% vegan, but more importantly, is bringing creativity back to makeup.

Made equally with both people who do their makeup quick and what Greville calls the “full face crowd” in mind, creative limitations aren't an issue with Milk Makeup – even their high-voltage eye pigments can be blended right out with a little patience.

And that's what excites me so, the Milk Makeup range feels more like paint than makeup and just like any blank canvas (this occasion, it being your face) the possibilities are endless. 

Shop Milk Makeup in Ireland at Cult Beauty

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