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A Model Just Told Me How To Actually Achieve 'Super Model' Skin

More than just good genes.

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When it comes to getting—and maintaining—amazing skin, models definitely know a thing or two. It’s practically a job requirement that they have glorious complexions at all times, and when you consider that Fashion Week is synonymous with multiple makeovers every day, late nights, and plenty of coffee, you realise that their perfect skin is the result of some seriously great skincare. So we went straight to the source and asked Teodora Sutra for her best skincare tips—and boy, did she deliver.

Below, read all about her routine, which includes a hydrating jelly mask and a “one-stop-shop” facial oil.

my everyday skincare routine...

"If my skin is feeling a little dry, I like to use the Khiel's Midnight Recovery Oil followed by Trilogy's Hydrating Jelly Mask.

At night, I use the MASQUE DE NUIT AU CAMÉLIA overnight hydration mask from Chanel's Hydra Beauty range. You don’t have to rinse it off so it’s amazing when you’re tired and not in the mood for all the fuss of a facial.

Every second day I will use Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil for an antioxidant hit."

the one product I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT...

"In self-isolation, Voya Beauty Mamma Oil  (€31.60) has been my saviour. I'm 30 weeks pregnant so I'm using it to prevent stretch marks, it's such a relaxing ritual to massage my with the oil after showering."


"Eating healthily.

No matter how many expensive serums/masks/ lotions or potions you buy, if your diet is terrible it will show on your face, hair and nails.

That said, I don't eat just healthy food, we all treats to get through the day. As long as you get a minimum of 5 fruit and veg a day as well as some fish or avocado for good fats and nuts for the oils - your skin will thank you and you'll have a visible glow.

Oh, and going outside in the midday sun - with spf, of course! This allows your skin to absorb one of the most essential vitamins - vitamin D. Spending at least ten minutes outdoors will have your skin looking more radiant."

the one thing you should never do to your face...

"Pluck your own eyebrows. 

Resist the urge to experiment with tweezers. Lock them away and let your brows grow - there's never been a better time!" 

the biggest beauty lesson i've learned in lockdown...

"Stop wearing nail polish and instead use hand creams every morning and night. I've also been using nail oils to nourish my nails. I was surprised at how strong they got in such a short space of time. 

Soon I'll be back to work and pampering myself to shellac and polishes so now really is the time give my nails a well-deserved break. 


"Doing a hair treatment! I’m blonde so my hair isn’t always in great condition so treatments are key to keeping it healthy. 

Right now, I'm using the genesis range from Kerastase. I’m leaving the mask in overnight once a week. 

I’m also using Kerastase hair oil treatments after washes and basically using the oil almost every day as some sort of hair treat! 

I really do recommend investing in good treatments for your hair. My Favourite brands that I would are Kerastase, Philip Kingsley (they do an amazing coconut hair mask and great treatments for preventing hair loss) and Redken."

Main image by @teodorasutra on Instagram

This piece of writing is taken from the July/August issue of Irish Tatler magazine. To read the full article, check out the new issue - on shelf now. Or read it digitally, here.

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