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Mushroom Beauty Is Here – Here Are The Products Worth Tripping Out Over

Mushrooms can help boost cells’ immunity, are antiviral and full of Vitamin D – which is why you’ll struggle to find a nutritional supplement without a helping of powdered mushrooms on the ingredients list.

Welcome to a whole new kind of foraging.

Once a vegetable aisle staple and every picky eater's worst nightmare, mushrooms have risen from the damp forest floor to now become the beauty industry's latest 'it' product.

Promising smaller pores, hydration and younger skin, mushroom-based products are dominating both the organic and high street beauty aisles. And given that natural beauty has soared in popularity over the year, get used to seeing more of the humble fungus incorporated into your favourite's beauty routines. 

From collage-boosting face masks to foundation and powders, mushrooms are listed in just about every beauty product on the market right now. 

Long used in Chinese medicine, studies are now stacking up on how mushrooms can benefit the skin. Full of active compounds that have antioxidant, anti-ageing, skin brightening, moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects, they tick off a whole host of wishes.

Some, like reishi and maitake, are adaptogenic, meaning they support the body’s defences and protect from stresses that could leave skin vulnerable.

With thousands of different species, the fungi family has a lot to offer when it comes to health and beauty benefits such as age defence, hydration, barrier repair, antioxidants and pollution protection.

However, knowing how to pick the correct mushroom-based product for your skin can make skincare shopping seem like a new and confusing forage. 

So we've foraged the beauty aisles for you, below are the best mushroom-based beauty products your face needs to meet. 

Origins recently re-launched and upgraded their ten-year-old Super-Charged Mushroom line in collaboration with mushroom expert Dr Wells. This face mask is designed to reduce redness, blotchiness and signs of reactivity. 

Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask, €48.50, Dr Andrew Weil for Origins 

Combined with REN's exclusive active complex and white mushroom extract, this mask will help protect against skin discomfort, combat over-sensitivity all whilst calming and hydrating the skin.

Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask, €40, REN

This sheet mask uses a variety of mushroom extracts including Inotous Obliquus and Ganoderma Lucidum which together firms and sculpts the skin to restore a youthful look.

Close-Up Firming Face Mask, €9.50, Starskin

Nordic brand Lumene is the next beauty big thing. The brand uses ingredients that are totally natural to give you that Scandi glow. This new Harmonia Balance range has some incredible gems, but our favourite has to be the Nutri Recharging Intense Moisturiser. It containsNordic Chaga Mushroom, nurturing Finnish Peat and hydrating Arctic Spring Water help recharge and intensely moisturise. 

Nutri-Recharging Moisturiser, €34.90, Lumen

Charlotte Tilbury highlighted the skin buffing benefits of mushroom extract in her foundation back in 2016. Since then, the foundation has gone on to become a cult favourite amongst beauty fans everywhere. 

Magic Foundation, €40, Charlotte Tilbury

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