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These Are the 5 Most-Requested Nail Looks In Salons Right Now

Nail inspiration for the rest of the year, right here.

Florals, French tips and the most perfect shade of nude you've ever seen...

On June 29, Ireland rejoiced as hair salons, barbers, beauty clinics and nail studios finally re-opened their doors after three long months. And while they’ve been open for two months now, you may find yourself in a place of wonderment. 

See, your first appointment was to fix all your at-home beauty woes. Those grey roots were finally in the hands of a professional, you're skin was once again being treated to a glow-inducing facial and after 100+ days of having short, stumpy nails, you were finally reacquainted with acrylics. But now that time has passed and you finally managed to nab yourself a follow-up appointment, you're craving something different. 

Is now the time you finally cave to the return of the french manicure? Ask for something bold? Or, now that your nails are finally back in the hands of the experts, do you opt for the nail art you sorely failed to attempt during lockdown? 

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To give you some ideas, Irish Tatler spoke with one of the top nail salons in the country, MINK to bring you the five most-requested nail trends since they re-opened their doors. 

1. Natural

"We are certainly seeing a move back to tonal, short and groomed. Clients have lived with bare nails over lockdown, so it that has influenced a cleaner look. We are known for layering our gel polish to get that perfect nude for your skin tone in MINK, this has been really popular."

2. Single Nail Feature

"The single nail design has always been a popular one. It is the perfect way to subtly unleash your creativity. A classic option is a single colour block or a simple dot on each nail for a nod to something bold, but you could, of course, try patterns or graphics. The possibilities are endless with this look!"

3. Graphic Detail

"We have had a few clients who since lockdown love something a little bolder, and our MINK family have loved playing with designs since returning to the salon. Choose contrasting colours or opt for similar shades for a more muted style. One of our technicians was recently inspired by Audrey Hamilton’s art, and recreated it on a set of nails."

4. Colour Block Manicure

"If there's one look we pride ourselves on here at Mink, it's the simple French manicure. However, since lockdown, we have seen a few clients mixing it up and adding a pop of colour. This is an excellent way to breathe new life into the classic style, think pink with red tips."

5. Ombré

"Ombre made a splash in the hair world a few years back and now we see more and more clients wanting to try the trend on their fingertips. It is the perfect way to elevate your simple, clean, nude. Experiment with colours such as sky blue or a sharp orange."

Main image by @mytownhouseuk on Instagram

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