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What It's Really Like To Get Lip Fillers

As they say, well-done work is imperceptible - so I'm showing you with Before and After pics

A little extra definition and volume, zero trout pout. 

From Kylie Jenner to the Love Island cast, I know an 'enhanced' lip when I see one. As a beauty writer, it's kind of my job, but to be honest, at the rate lip filling trend is going here in Ireland, anyone with eyes could be so sleuth-like.

Lumpy, overfilled mouths have somehow now become the norm with injectables, and while the idea of a natural-looking lip enhancement has always appealed to me, the horror stories had put me off. 

That was until I read up on BELOTERO Lips, a new shape and contour treatment famed for achieving soft, chic and natural-looking volume. Providing aesthetic practitioners with two options to create fuller lips, the double-step treatment works like the perfect lip liner and lipstick combo - the first enhancing the shape and adding definition, while the latter builds subtle volume. 

Harnessing the natural moisturising power of Hyaluronic Acid and combining it with the brand's CPM technology for smooth integration with the skin, what really sold me on the BELOTERO Lips rejuvenation treatment was their focus on sculpting the perfect lip shape, rather than just blowing up the volume overall. 

BELOTERO Lips Contour - The first step enhances the outline of the lips, shaping the Cupid's Bow and Vermilion border. 

BELOTERO Lips Shape - Once the outline of the lip is defined with the dermal filler, the second step is all about building subtle volume in the upper and lower lip.

The Treatment

I had my BELOTERO Lips rejuvenation treatment done by Patricia Molloy in the Dermaclinic in Monkstown, who is Head Trainer for BELOTERO Lips in Ireland and the UK and a self-confessed perfectionist, so I knew I was great hands. Full disclosure, this wasn't my first time getting an aesthetic treatment (read about my preventative Botox experience here), so I kind of knew what to expect, on arriving at the clinic.

Patricia and I chatted through what I wanted to achieve from the treatment (I stressed again my disdain for the trout-pout look) and she reassured me that we were on the same page and that the main reason she uses the BELOTERO brand of HA dermal fillers in her clinic is their you-but-better results. 

Once my lips were slathered with some numbing Lidocaine cream, the actual procedure itself was done in under an hour, and because my mouth wasn't exactly symmetrical to begin with, I was very glad of Patricia's perseverance for perfection. (She told me that sleeping on one side can lead to the quicker break-down of facial volume, so I'm pulling the corpse-pose every night now!)

Does It hurt? 

As I said, I wasn't new to aesthetic treatments and I have a pretty decent pain-threshold, but it can be pinchy in places – especially as the BELOTERO Lips Contour is injected into your Vermilion border.

There's also some swelling post-treatment too, but you can expect it to go way down after 24 hours or so - so don't panic. 

How Long Does It Last?

I was glad to hear that lip filler does last a little longer than Botox, but of course, it varies from person to person. Patricia told me that a lip rejuvenation treatment using BELOTERO Lips could last between 9 and 12 months. 

The Cost

BELOTERO Lip rejuvenation treatment is available in clinics throughout Ireland with prices starting around €400. 

The Result

Due to Patricia's incredible handiwork, I did bruise at all (and I'm a big bruiser), and once the swelling started to go down after a day or two, I knew I was going to have no regrets. 

A month after having my BELOTERO Lips rejuvenation treatment, I'm obsessed with how they've turned out. A more defined Cupid's bow and very subtle, pillowy volume on both my top and bottom lip making any bright lipstick application I've done since, all the more fruitful. 

A lot of people haven’t even noticed I’ve had them done, including my Mum who notices if I should even pluck an eyebrow hair - which absolutely is a testament to how natural-looking the final results were. 

As with any beauty treatment, it is vital to do your research, read every review you can and only put your face in the hands of someone you trust. 

Be certain on the results you want to get from the procedure and make sure that your vision, your aesthetic practitioner's understanding and the treatment's capabilities all align, because, in my experience, that's' what made all the difference. 

For more info, contact Patricia Molloy, Dermaclinic, Monkstown -

To find out more about the BELOTERO range, visit

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