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7 Brands That Are Defining A New Era In Sustainable Beauty

A greener routine awaits.

We round up the beauty brands across skincare, hair, make-up, oral care, fragrance, candles and body care that are making an effort to leave a positive impact on the world.

We don’t need to tell you that we’re experiencing a climate crisis. Of course, there are many ways in which we can try to do our part and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Some of the changes we can make lie within our beauty routine.

The beauty industry is a major contributor to plastic pollution but over recent years, many brands have been making a conscious effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible. You don’t have to completely overhaul your beauty regime in order to ‘go green’ though – there are loads of best-loved sustainable beauty brands out there. And chances are, you’ve already got at least one tucked away in your bathroom cabinet. 

As these winning sustainable makeup brands and skin-care products prove, you don’t need to sacrifice on quality to make eco-friendly swaps to your routine. Each of the items highlighted here, not only have sustainable properties to boot, but they also deliver everything we want out of a shampoo, foundation, or lipstick. 

Give Good Base

It used to be the case that when it came to high-end homegrown beauty brands, the tanning sector got all of the love both in Ireland and internationally. Unperturbed by this, Kildare-based make-up artist Suzie O’Neill launched her brand Ayu with a range of premium quality makeup brushes in 2015 and quickly expanded the brand’s offering to meet demand. The newest launches include two foundation formulas with varying degrees of coverage to suit different skin types; the Perfect Skin Foundation, €32.50, promises a long-lasting flawless finish, while the Fresh Skin Foundation, €35, feels feather-light to wear.

AYU Fresh Skin Foundation, €35, SHOP

The Science of Scent

Many consider perfume-making an art, but for the founders of Le Labo, Frenchmen Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot, their approach to scent was more scientific. On opening their first store in New York, the pair set out to create a laboratory, one with white-coated assistants to hand-blend the fragrance and a place where the public could come to smell and touch raw materials, awakening the olfactory system. Now (well, as soon as stores can re-open), that same alchemical experience is available to us here in Ireland, via the brand’s presence in Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork, as well as online in the meantime.

Le Labo Baie 19 EDP, €158, SHOP

Dream Sheen

Glowing, healthy-looking skin is always in and filing one’s makeup bag with creamy products is an easy way to achieve that. Taking inspiration from beloved products in previous palettes, new from Sculpted by Aimee is the Cream Luxe Compacts, €18, with six shades across bronzer, blush and highlight. Founder Aimee Connolly recommends using your ring finger to “tap tap tap” the product onto the skin in a circular motion, mimicking the way natural light would catch the high points of the face. Available at and pharmacies nationwide.

Sculpted by Aimee Cream Luxe Compacts, €18, SHOP

Great Hair, Clear Conscience

On reading that an Irish hair brand infuses its range with native extracts such as kelp, carrageen moss, red clover, Celtic salt, whiskey and hops, you’d be forgiven for making assumptions, but WeAreParadoxx is anything but twee. So forward-thinking is the Belfast brand founded by Yolanda Cooper that it has recently raised €3.5 million in investment to expand its organic, plastic-free and gender-neutral haircare range into the US market. In terms of products, the Hangover Hair Elixir, €35, is a big hit – it comes in a hip flask and gives hair incredible shine, while the cordless 3-in-1 Supernova styler, €225 is really novel. 

Hangover Hair Elixir, €35, SHOP

Small But Mighty

BareChic Skin is one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets. Dealing only in micro batches, artist-turned-beauty entrepreneur Fiona Car has created some really incredible organic serums and oils from her base in Galway, just off the Wild Atlantic Way. By harnessing the power of nature’s bounty with ingredients such as azulene-rich blue tansy essential oil and raw and unrefined rosehip CO2 extract, BareChic Skin packs a potent punch. 

BareChic Skin Rose of the World, €105, SHOP


Cryotherapy has transcended trends to become a mainstay in the wellness world, but it’s also something Corinna Tolan, Ireland’s only second-generation skincare specialist has employed in her treatments for many years. By subjecting targeted areas to sub-zero temperatures, the skin is shocked and rushes fresh blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to the surface, while flushing away toxins and reducing water retention. The result is skin that looks plump and fresh. Try it at home via Tolan’s stainless steel Cryo Therapy Globes, €99. 

Monica Tolan Cryo Therapy Globes, €99, SHOP

Home Waxing, Made Easy

Hear us out. With 32 years of industry experience between them, Trish O’Brien and Ellen Kavanagh are truly experts in all-things waxing (or Waxperts to the initiated). Their latest venture, Heire – a stylish solution to at-home hair removal with salon-quality wax – was born out of the appreciation that when it comes to beauty treatments, waxing is about as intimate as it gets. A much-anticipated Hot Wax Kit, €18, suitable for facial, underarm and bikini waxing now joins the Heire family. Simply melt the hot wax pellets in the microwave, apply and (deep breath) peel off, no need for strips. 

Heire Hot Wax Kit, €18, SHOP

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