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NESSA: The Postpartum Recovery Range Designed Only With Mums in Mind

"Just when you thought your body couldn’t feel any less like your own, it feels even more alien than ever."

Life post-partum is rarely spoken about. Perhaps this is the delicate nature of the beast.

Exhaustion made flesh, most new parents are as much panicking in reflected responsibility as they are screaming about ergonomic nappy technique. 

Someone attempting to heal the wounds (literally) of post-birth trauma is NESSA founder Fiona Toomey.

Her new website NESSA Organics has created "an award-winning recovery skincare range, targeted for your whole journey - from pregnancy to post-partum relief, and well into motherhood." 

Offering nipple balm and stretch mark creams made entirely from organic products, Toomey wanted to cater to those dealing with life post-partum, as she felt a niche in the market when she had her children. 

"You hear of all the pregnancy highs and glows – the shiny hair, great skin, the beautiful bump – but there are relatively few places you can go to, to talk or read about the very real lows of the wonderful thing we call childbirth," she said. 

"When I had my first baby, no one had prepared me for the first few weeks and months post-baby, and they were tough, to say the least. Not only did I have a newborn to look after, but my body was also a wreck. Bruised, swollen, stitched, and incredibly sore all over.

"Most of the skin care products I’d bought or been gifted in pregnancy became completely redundant, and the one or two that I was still eking some use out of were riddled with chemicals and additives, despite having been marketed as ‘natural’ - I figured my body deserved better than that."

NESSA's values base themselves around products that work and tangible experience. To offer clean, organic, and effective skincare alternatives that are as safe for your newborn as they are for you.

The brand is also looking to do some good, as they've partnered up with Bliss UK, a charity supporting babies who are born prematurely or sick, and their families.

Fiona's dedication to this organisation is deeply personal given that her first baby was born at 34 weeks, and spent 4 weeks in a neo-natal ward in London. When NESSA was founded, Fiona felt strongly about giving back to a community that had given her so much support during a very difficult time for her, and her family.

"A neonatal unit can be a very scary place with a steady chorus of beeps & flashes. Seeing your baby hooked up to wires and monitors is an experience parents don’t easily forget."

Thankfully, her experience ended on a high note and simply encouraged her more to provide excellent care for parents who have been through the same. 

To learn more about the brand and read in great detail her experience with Bliss, click here

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