The Multi-Tasking Beauty Product Perfect For WFH

A ‘dry’ oil that is suitable for face, hair and body? Witchcraft.

As you read this, you're probably also watching Netflix.

And you're probably also emailing yourself some ideas for tomorrow's big meeting, too. And maybe you're even wardrobe decluttering while on hour two of messaging a friend who just got dumped. 

Sound familiar? Of course, it does, because when was the last time you actually had the luxury of doing just one thing at a time?

You don't have time to be a solo-tasker, and you also don't have time (or the money) to bother with skincare products that are solo-taskers either.

Luckily for you, we've come across a product so good, we're considering throwing out the entire contents of our skincare cabinet.

It started life as a French pharmacy product back in 1991, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a stylish Parisian who doesn't have a bottle of this multipurpose oil in their bathroom.

Name a skin-based––or just general life complaint––and I guarantee Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse will fix it;

  • Dry skin? Apply post-shower for shimmery, baby-soft skin.
  • Split ends? Put it on the ends of your hair and you'll have tresses shiny and supple.
  • Dehydrated dace? Add a few drops to your moisturiser and watch the hydration. 
  • Ran out of perfume? HP imparts a touch of scent that isn’t overpowering
  • Untameable brows? HP will fix it.
  • Chronic cuticles? HP will fix it.

Basically, anything argan oil can do, HP can do, too - only better. And like all Nuxe products, it’s made from natural ingredients.

Made up of 98.1% natural ingredients, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse contains seven precious oils to create an intensely nourishing formula. As well as tsubaki, almond, camellia, borage, hazelnut, macadamia and argan oils it's also enriched with vitamin E for moisture that deeply penetrates even the driest of skin types.

The unique thing about this oil though, and one of the reasons I personally love it is that it's actually a dry oil. This means that it sinks in quickly to your skin without any greasy residue you might associate with heavy-duty body lotions or oils. In fact, I often put this on after my morning shower and get dressed for work immediately.

Oh, and it smells absolutely incredible—like holidays.

And with fans like Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Jennifer Aniston and Eva Mendes – not to mention sales of 20 million bottles worldwide – Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is wholly deserving of cult status.

For those interested in perusing what else Nuxe has to offer, you can do so here

Main image by @the_file

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