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Blonde And Brittle Hair? This New Olaplex 5* Oil Has Just Dropped In Space NK

The five-star Hair Oil is the seventh in the brand's line-up.

For those not in the know, Olaplex is a product range which has revolutionised coloured hair care.

Reputable salons mix their famous reconstructor into the hair dye, so while your hair is being coloured the cream is building bonds within the hair to minimise damage.

They also produce an at-home reconstruction cream that you then use as maintenance to keep the good work going and keep hair shiny and strong.

Fans of the brand are relentlessly loyal, meaning that when word came out about a new product, consumers flocked in their thousands to figure out what's what. 

Their No.7 Bonding Oil is a lightweight, non-sticky and reparative styling oil, that improves hair health while styling. 

Benefits of the ingredients include: repairing brittle, damaged hair, strengthening and protecting against future damage, and improving manageability.

It also has no nasties, like parabens or sulfates, and is vegan.

For those unfamiliar with oil products and are, expectantly, curious, the reviews speak for themselves.

Despite only recently becoming available in the UK and Ireland, it has already amassed a gargantuan amount of praise, with users reporting that it's the best hair oil they've ever used.

For those keen to try it out themselves, the newest hair elixir has just arrived at Space NK on Grafton Street priced at €29. 

Main image by @romeestrijd

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