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Sephora's Best Selling Eye Cream Just Landed in Ireland

You scream, eye cream, we all scream for eye cream.

A tub sells every three minutes in Sephora...

Sure, eight hours of sleep, a balanced diet and a completely stress-free life is exactly what our bodies need but unfortunately, that's not what our day-to-day life serves - and our eyes suffer as a result. 

And because life is cruel, even if you do manage to clock a full eight hours every can still suffer from dark, shadowy under eye bags. From genetics, pigmentation, allergies and thinning skin - there's a whole host of reasons why you could be suffering from dark circles. 

But don't fret, the beauty world has your back. When it comes to banishing these pesky under eye problems, there's a wide variety of skincare products available to treat puffy eyes, the appearance of fine lines and most importantly, dark circles. 

While many eye creams are believed to be nothing but a marketing ploy, there is one hero product that proves eye creams are anything but a myth: Ole Henriksen's Banana Bright. An eye cream that is so beloved, one tub sells every three minutes in Sephora. 

As the name suggests, the product was inspired by banana powder many makeup enthusiasts use to set, colour correct and bake their faces. The use of banana powder in an eye cream formula instantly brightens and colour corrects the under eye. Also containing collagen and Vitamin C, the eye cream targets fine lines and wrinkles which ultimately reduces the look of dark circles.  

The best part? Ole Henriksen launched in Boots earlier this year meaning you can now officially get your hands on Sephora's best selling eye cream. 

Banana Bright Eye Crème, €39, Ole Henriksen @ Boots

Under eye bags, be gone. 

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