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The 4 Makeup Bag Must-Haves You Need To Survive Party Season

Social calendars, get ready — it's party season!

Get your face ready for the festive season with these high-voltage party essentials.

Despite what pop culture once led us to believe, we've come to realize not all 'going out-out' beauty prep involves an elaborate master bathroom, a plush white bathrobe, and vanilla-scented candles. For us, it's more like an Olympic event — a race against the clock as we finish up at the office, attempt to hail a taxi, and then proceed to spend said taxi ride struggling to put our liquid liner on straight.

And with the festive season just around the corner, evenings like the one described above are about to be all you know for the next 30 days. Needless to say, when it comes to beauty, we know firsthand it can be a tricky transition from work to play. Whether you're meeting up with your best friend for some mulled wine, schmoozing with clients at a festive holiday fete, or making good on a midnight rendezvous under the mistletoe, this month is all about making the social rounds — and you have to be prepared to do it on the fly.

Instead of carting around a trolley of beauty products (not really our accessory of choice), we've found four easy essentials perfect for the work-to-play transition. Keep them at your desk or in your makeup bag, and you'll be prepared for any event invite that should find its way into your inbox this season.


First things first, skincare. The cold air, frigid winds, and close proximity to indoor heaters dry and dull out your skin, and the only solution short of wearing a ski mask out and about (although, thanks to Billie Eilish, we've definitely thought about incorporating that accessory into our wardrobe multiple times) is skincare. Cue No7's Protect&Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream.  This day cream contains No7 Double Defence Technology, which combined with the protective power of SPF15 and unbeatable 5* UVA provides your skin No7' s most advanced protection from the sun and environmental stress meaning your skin will be protected from whatever the dancefloor throws at it. 

Shop it here. 


If you're that person who struggles with eyeliner (aren't we all), you might be overwhelmed by all your options. Pencil, gel, liquid, felt…the list goes on. We’ll give you our best advice: Pick pencil. Why? Because it’s the easiest and a great starting point to achieving dramatic eyes in a rush. A smooth pencil like No7's Amazing Eyes Pencil glides on easily, doesn’t tug, and is more forgiving with shaky hands than liquid or gel.

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There are few worse beauty sins than clumpy mascara. Coats on coats look just plain spidery — and if you add an extra layer on top of your already dried (and possibly flaking) work-day mascara, you're especially susceptible. Enter No7's Lash Extender Mascara. If the natural-looking volume is what you're after, you'll want to slip this handy mascara into your makeup bag to pump up your lashes fast. While thick, the formula goes on smooth — meaning you won't have to deal with clumpy lashes all night.

Shop it here. 


Trying to get a nail appointment as soon as the festive season hits is a lot like finding a pumpkin spice latte come Nov 1, impossible. Sure, you could go out with your chipped nails from last week's festivities or you could do the right thing and coat your claws in No7's Limited Edition Rose Gold Gel Nail Polish. The patented technology makes the polish tough and flexible to help prevent chipping and improve ease of application to help achieve a streak-free finish. Complete coverage in just one stroke, with an outstanding and durable gel finish, the nail polish helps to smooth and plump nails so natural ridges can't be seen.

Shop it here. 

And for those who just can't wait or want multiple kits for their desk, car and at home – the complete your party season gift is FREE when you buy two No7 cosmetics or brushes at Boots. Available online or in-store from Nov 20 - Dec 24. 

For more information or to shop now, visit the Boots website

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