Not just a magical and mystical sounding ingredient; pearl powder could be the skin saviour you've been waiting for.

While pearl powder sounds more like something you would find listed alongside unicorn hairs and angel tears in potion making, this adaptogen is allegedly the secret to glowing, radiant skin.

Pearl, the exact sort found in fresh or salt waters, has been used cosmetically and medicinally for centuries. These shimmering beads, alongside being a popular jewellery staple, were ground into powder format for the likes of Cleopatra, who reportedly used pearl topically to enhance her worldly beauty. 

Over the years, women have also ingested capsules of pearl powder, adamant that it delivers skin that is clearer, brighter, firmer, and more luminous.

According to Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Will Cole, pearl was used in traditional Chinese medicine as far back as 320 AD. The Chinese, including the female empress Wu Zetian, also believed that pearl had calming properties and used it to help cope with stress and anxiety.

But Cleopatra and Chinese dynasties aside - why should the mere mortal consider adding pearl powder to their routine?

Dr. Cole notes that pearl powder has at least 30 trace minerals, as well as calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, silica, and selenium. He adds that pearl also contains essential amino acids and a protein called conchiolin which acts similarly to skin-boosting keratin.

One fast and easy way to add this elusive ingredient into your daily life? A spoon full of medicine, err... we mean Moon Juice. Amanda Chantal Bacon's cult 'Beauty Dust' product contains pearl extract along with ingredients like goji berry powder, schisandra berry powder, and ashwagandha root.

Chantal Bacon recently preached pearly benefits on Instagram, stating that one teaspoon of pearl can add an impressive 340mg of calcium to the diet. 

She wrote, "Calcium is fundamental to healthy skin. The outermost layer of your skin suffers more direct and recurring encounters with the outside world than any other tissue in the body, making it more vulnerable to damage. Calcium in the epidermis has been shown to help the body regulate cell turnover via cell differentiation by replacing old skin cells with new ones. Calcium levels also affect the speed at which this replacement process occurs."

As per the infamous, cosmic-obsessed beauty and wellness guru, the "powerful antioxidant" blend of ingredients found in her Beauty Dust product protects cells, preserves collage, enhances elasticity, and helps the body cope with stress. 

Beauty Dust€54, Moon Juice

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