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The Tried And Tested Way To Find Your Perfect Nude Lipstick

Using an algorithm based on ‘the golden ratio’, it’s now easier than ever to find the most flattering nude lipstick for your skin tone.

Finding your fail-safe lipstick is a bit like finding the perfect pair of jeans. 

The journey seems endless, oftentimes you're convinced they don't exist, but you just can't stop yourself from trying. 

If only there was some way the whole process could be made easier...

Well, you're in luck. Because now there is!

Beauty giant Clinique is coming to the rescue with the launch of its Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation. Since nude lips are (still) having a moment, the aim is to match your pre-determined foundation shade with the most flattering lipsticks for your individual skin tone.

The whole idea is science-led and aims to help women to shade match their faces perfectly – their proven shade match science can, impressively, match 99.5% of skin tones and 100% of undertones – and allow for the make-up process to be tailored and made all the easier for you. 

The brand has also joined forces with a software company that works within the interior design field and Pantone businesses, meaning they too are experts in finding colours that are pleasing to the eye.

Armed with that added colour knowledge, the brand then went on to scientifically match every shade from its Even Better foundation franchise with three completely new nude lipsticks for each: one naked (your lips but better), one casual (more noticeable but not too much) and one glam (the most high-impact shade).

These perfect shades can be found in the Even Better Pop Wheel (above) that features every foundation shade alongside three perfect lipsticks.

For example, if you were foundation shade WN125 Mahogany, your ideal lipsticks would be 16, 25, and 29.

In total there are 144 combinations spanning 48 foundation shades and 28 brand new lipsticks – meaning that you will almost certainly find the one that you'll never let go of. 

Main image by @yarashahidi

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