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I Have Found The Answer To Unapologetically Glamorous Hair – And It's On Sale For €50

Bombshell hair is making a comeback – here's how you get yours.

We all want the same thing when it comes to our hair: health, body and shine in equal measure.

Call it a pipe-dream (I just don't have the upper body strength for blow-drying) but my quest for a low maintenance bouffant has taken centre stage in my mind ever since I first laid eyes on Farrah Fawcett. 

Knowing I'm not alone – a Google search on 'bombshell hair hacks' conjures some 3,640,000 results at the time of writing – I decided to make it my mission to crack Victoria's Secret hair at-home by any means possible. 

My first port of call were heated rollers. 

Generally speaking, when one casts their mind to rollers, images of women sitting at a salon in a robe, reading a magazine flood to the fore. Soon thereafter (in the movies, at least) an impossibly coquettish bounce resplendent with shine fills the screen. 

As enviable as the finished product appears, heated rollers often appear intimidating to those not in the know. 

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This, I assume, is due to the hard-learned fact that some hair stylings should not be done at home. But, as someone who is a dab-hand at close to nothing, I can assure you that the following product is simple enough for anyone to use. 

The Remington Proluxe Heated Rollers, my weapon of choice, contains 20 rollers in medium and large sizes. In my experience, the roller sizes were both big enough to create body at the root, while small enough to get the wispier bits of hair at the temple. 

The box says that the rollers have a heat-up time of approximately 1.5 minutes – so, essentially, they're ready to use once you've popped to the loo, stuck on the kettle or texted someone back. Easy.

They obviously heat up but, in my experience, not too hot that you're unable to hold them. However, I have been burned – literally – before, so perhaps I'm more cautious than most. Rule of thumb? Always test beforehand and pick them up by the sides. 

My main concern when it came to rollers was that I simply have too much hair for them to style – I have a lot of hair (a blessing and a curse) – and wondered were rollers only for women who don't usually snap hair ties when attempting to updo. However, I was pleasantly surprised by both how much hair the rollers clung to and the sheer volume of them; with all 20 rollers in, my hair was fully up off my face and back. 

Image cred: @gisele

This whole process takes some 20 minutes to get right. In my mind, nothing should ever spend more than 20 minutes. I spend enough time getting highlights, that the thought of straightening my hair for hours is enough to make me pass out. 

Depending on how well your hair holds a curl, leave them in for a minimum of ten minutes (30 minutes at most), and to lock in the shape, take out the rollers and pin the hair back into a similarly cylindrical shape, letting it cool like that for at least as long as you left the rollers in. 

The aftermath produces more of a bounce than a curl, so if it's ringlets you're after, then this isn't the product for you. But for a shiny bouffant that will see you into the night (with some hairspray) I couldn't recommend this enough. 

And, we've just found them online for €50 from their usually €60. You know what we think, now it's time for you to have a go. After all, life isn't perfect, but your hair can be...

Main image by Jason Lloyd Evans

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