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Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair

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While caring for your scalp care might not be the most glamorous aspect of your hair routine, lustrous locks need more than a run-of-the-mill rinsing.

Scalp, like our skin, is exposed daily to environmental aggressors, such as air-born pollution, coupled with dirt, city grime and water impurities that clog the scalp and coat the hair shafts, and as the scalp forms the bedrock for the hair follicle, the health of both are directly related.

A dry, flaky scalp can hinder new hair growth – as the follicles struggle for a fresh supply of oxygen – and in extreme cases, poor scalp health can increase the likelihood of hair loss in individuals. Much like how we treat our skin; cleansing to remove debris and product-build up and exfoliating to encourage cell turnover, our scalp can benefit from being treated similarly.

Ranging from physical exfoliators such as scrubs to chemical exfoliators that contain AHAs and BHAs, the growing offering of targeted scalp cleansers and exfoliators available on the market might come as a surprise to some, but considering the key role they play in a thorough hair regime, choosing the right one for your unique needs is important.

Equally, the frequency of scalp exfoliation is a personal preference and comes down to scalp type and the products used, but avoid over-stimulation of the scalp though, as this can end up exacerbating flaking and dandruff in cases.

In terms of brushing, the addition of a paddle brush to your hair-care arsenal will also prove to be a welcome one, as the evenly spread out plastic bristles boost blood circulation and cause less friction when detangling, to ensure the scalp isn’t compromised further.

Scroll on for our scalp-friendly shopping suggestions... 

Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, €45.50, Christophe Robin - SHOP

Scalp Relief Soothing Balance Shampoo, €19, Redken - SHOP

Hair Rituel Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for the Scalp, €164, Sisley-Paris - SHOP

Fusio-Scrub, €39, Kérastase - SHOP

Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager, €15.60, Briogeo - SHOP

Scalp Relief Calming Tonic, €14.25, Alfaparf - SHOP

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