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Got Spots? Yeah, You Can Thank Your Trusty Woolly Scarf For That

My adult acne keeps me young.

We know, we know – it's cold outside. 

Is your skin being a little (and by little, we mean extremely) problematic lately? Well, surprise, surprise Winter is to blame. While the ever-dropping temperature and central heating are doing a whole lot of damage to your skin, it's actually your beloved woolly scarf is the reason why a whole family of spots have moved into your face. 

If you get pimples around your chin, your neck, jawline, back or chest then it may be time to ditch the scarf. Like all items of clothing, they sweat which attracts dirt and grime aka a breeding ground for blemishes. But unlike the knitted jumpers you live in during the winter months, scarves come into contact with way more germs. 

Think about it, you probably fling your scarf on your desk or stuff it inside your handbag the second you get to work and unless you're a neat freak who sanitises their desk and bag every hour of every day, your scarf is collecting even more bacteria. So when you wrap your scarf around your neck to stay warm and toastie, you're essentially wrapping a giant germ-infested knit around yourself that then transfers onto your face and results in your skin breaking out.

But we hear you, it's 1°C outside and freezing to death is not an option so how do you get the best of both worlds? Well, you need to be washing your scarf as much as you would your clothes. Chucking your scarf into a weekly hot wash combined with a good cleansing routine are the keys to keep acne at bay. 

If you suffer from neck, back or chest acne then it's not just your face you should be cleansing. It's just as important to clear your skin of makeup, tan, sweat and bacteria on your body as it is your face. 

We don't know about you but the first thing we do when get home is pop all our scarves in the wash. 

Main image by @lucywilliams02 on Instagram

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