Read this, you won\'t ever wear a basic bobbin again.

Read this, you won't ever wear a basic bobbin again.Instagram: @scrunchieisback

The humble scrunchie has been around for several decades - like most fashion items - having its on-again, off-again moments. The iconic film Heathers won the hair tie many favours in ‘89, but Carrie Bradshaw undid all of that good PR when she confirmed no fashionista work her weight in salt would be caught dead in a scrunchie. Well Carrie, WWD quite frankly disagrees and the polarising trend is no longer in the  purgatory of fashion faux pas... 

Here are five Irish Tatler-approved cases in favour of the fabric-coated hair elastic. 

The OG: Heathers 1989 

The oversized red scrunch made many an appearance on the set of the '80s teen thriller Heathers and was used as a metaphor for power and popularity; the girl who wore one was the leader of the pack. Our thoughts exactly! 

The Throwback: SJP (hater)

Yes, that is Sarah Jessica Parker herself sporting the very accessory she sentenced to hell in that SATC episode. Maybe she saw the light? Or maybe we have to remind ourselves that TV isn't real life and she might not share all of Carrie's opinions. 

The Slick Update: Into the Gloss

Trust Emily Weiss and her team of geniuses to foresee this trend renaissance sign before anyone else did. Take some inspiration from their modern update on scrunch-wearing if you're a minimalist. (Existential Q: Can a scrunchie-wearing minimalist exist?) 

The Insouciant: @leahmariadk 

Not to stereotype, but this is how we'd imagine a cool French girl would get in on the scrunchie trend. Lowly-slung and loose, they somehow make buns, ponytails and wrists look more chic, but never at all try-hard. 

The Fashion-Set Way: @lilyworcester

So, while we appreciate this doesn't technically constitute a srunchie (it's actually a floral-print silk crepe de chine hairclip), this is how Instagram's coolest fashion-gals are dressing up their luscious ponytails this season. Plus, we could totally fashion our scrunchies to recreate the same effect. 

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