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If You Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, You Need To Try This Spa Treatment

Tis the season!

Why not relax and unwind with a little slice of luxury when you next need some TLC? The Salon at The Shelbourne has a double-whammy of treatments created just for you, perfect for when you need some ‘me’ time this month.

The Spa & Salon at The Shelbourne is the perfect haven (quite literally) for when you need the ultimate beauty session; the one which leaves you feeling your most fabulous, rejuvenated and revitalised.

And for the month of October, The Spa & Salon would like their customers to treat themselves head and feet first, thanks to their bespoke offerings, including their the luxurious relaxer “Pear & Pumpkin Spice,” and their classic “The Shelbourne Blow Dry.”

Walking On Air 

You’ll feel like dancing after the “Pear & Pumpkin Spice” treatment (€119) a foot ritual, followed by a pear and pumpkin-spiced salt cleansing exfoliation – it’s better than any flavoured latte.

And if you’ve had an anxiety-filled day, this heavenly treatment isn’t just about the feet and concludes with a calming essential oil back, neck and shoulder massage, all designed to alleviate stress and muscle tension. Complete with a refreshment plate in the relaxation room afterwards, If you were to unwind any more, you would likely be sleepwalking out of The Salon.  

Perfectly Polished

The right blow-dry is one of the best ways to add an extra layer of polish to your look. Or maybe you’re gearing up for an autumn mini-break and need an instantly glamorous pick-me-up? Either way, you can get a fabulous blow dry of your choice – curly, straight or the popular boho – that will revive and refresh, not only your locks but your whole head.

Fully restored, you’ll emerge from the exquisite surroundings of The Salon feeling  – and looking – like the best version of yourself.  

Each wash is combined with an indulgent Kevin Murphy hair treatment and soothing head massage. This is what makes The Shelbourne Blow Dry (€25) so special. You’ll love it, and so will your scalp. 

The “Pear & Pumpkin Spice” treatment is available the entire month of October. “The Shelbourne Blow Dry” October offer is available from Monday to Friday at 11 am – 4 pm. To make a booking, please call (01) 663 4685.

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