11 Short Hair Ideas To Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

Ready for the chop.

Whatever your dream chop looks like — now's the time to pull the trigger.

Back in the day, mood rings was my way of expressing how I really felt. Now, switching up my hair is how I outwardly display what's going on inside (although I wouldn't turn down rocking an adult mood ring, TBH). If I'm going through a stressful phase, it's all ponytails and grease-disguising headscarves. If I'm trying to inject light into my life, I make an appointment for highlights. And if I need a complete revamp, a transformative cut is on the to-do list.

Forget bowl cuts or visions of page boy hair, the blunt bob is sweeping our Instagram feed. Saoirse Ronan, Lily James and Caitriona Balfe have all thrown caution to the wind and lopped their hair from long to short this year. The result? Jaw-skimming styles that feel modern, refreshing a little bit sultry. As it goes, peekaboo necks are a sophisticated yet seductive way to show a little more skin. 

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And if the only thing stopping you is that little voice inside your head whispering, You'll miss your ponytail — we have the fix. Ahead, we've compiled a comprehensive roundup of the cutest short updos that will ward off any and all post-cut regret.

From the just above the shoulder to just below the ear scroll through to find the photo that will convince you to (finally) go above-the-shoulder short.


Although she's since turned things up a gear by opting for a 90s-inspired bowl cut, Charlize Theron's bob will stand the test of time. Not only am I head over heels for the cut of Charlize's style here, but I'm in desperate need for that rich, chocolate brown colour.

Bella hadid

If there's one thing Bella Hadid and I have in common it's that we both very much express our emotions through our hair. And if Hahdid's Instagram is anything to go by...she's feeling a lot of emotions. But her brunette sleek bob is one that I believe should stay. 

Lily James

Lily James's blunt blonde bob is one of my favourite celebrity hair transformations of 2019 so far.

Anna wintour

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Anna Wintour and @donatella_versace’s #ForcesofFashion conversation was an ebb and flow of heartfelt moments and bouts of pure comedy, but throughout the entire panel, the most endearing anecdotes were those between Wintour and one of her oldest, closest friends. For decades, the two have shared in each other’s triumphs and tragedies—and had plenty of fun along the way. “I really admire Donatella for her honesty in a world that isn’t always completely honest,” Wintour said. “And, also, how unbelievably loyal she is to her friends, and how deeply she cares about her family. She is the most extraordinary mother,” she said, before adding: “So I don’t think of her as Donatella Versace, the blonde, extraordinary icon that she is, I think of her as Donatella, my friend.” Tap the link in our bio to read more highlights from their panel. Photographed by @coreytenold. Florals for the event provided by @venusetfleur

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The queen of the bob, Anna Wintour's classic chin-length hairstyle is totally timeless. Pair it with a blunt, full fringe for extra power points.

Jourdan DUNN

I'm totally obsessed with Jourdan's chin-length, wavy 'do. 

Saoirse Ronan

For the past few months, the Irish actress has been sporting a shoulder-length lob, but come the first breeze of Autumn, she upgraded to a short, blunt, jawline-skimming bob. The cut oozes sophistication and trims her face like a custom picture frame, proving what we already knew to be true: Sometimes shedding a few inches of dead weight can be truly transformational.


Trust Emilia Clarke's wavy bob to be the only thing in this world strong enough to distract me from Jason Momoa's face. 

hANNAH Croskey

This is how Brighton girls do bobs—blunt, centre-parted and with plenty of sass like Hannah.


Let's be honest, Lucy Boynton always looks amazing but I have a particular soft spot for this sharp, short bob. 


Hair clips + side parting = the most elegant bob I ever did see. Thanks for the inspo, Kerry


Caitriona is serving up a triple-dose of hair inspiration here with her perfect length bob, that choppy fringe and her perfectly on-trend headscarf.

Main image by @lilyjames on Instagram

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