Dear Derm: Are Skin Supplements Worth The Money?

Nutricosmetics have exploded in popularity, with a pill, powder or smoothie for every skin concern under the sun. But which ones do skin experts actually recommend and are they worth a spot in your daily routine?

These days, when it comes to our skincare routines, we’re pretty clued up.

By the 1920s, links had been made between vitamins in foods and diseases, demonstrating the need for a balanced diet.

Food supplements were developed to make it easier for people to get their essential vitamins and minerals. In recent years there has been debate about the benefits of taking food supplements.

Searches for “skincare supplements" currently beget about 624,000,000 results; now while most of us know our Vitamin A from our Vitamin C, but should we be undergoing the supplement route to ensure we get all we need?

"If you've looked at every other area and you want to tick the final box, a skin supplement would be it," so says skincare expert Ciara Darcy. 

"They usually contain Vitamins A, B and C in tablet form or as a collagen drink/powder. Skin supplements can be very expensive, the most well-known brands are upwards of €100 for a months supply."

"Last year I was sent Skinade, a collagen drink to try. I drank it more or less every day (definitely missed a couple of days here and there) for two months. After six weeks I did notice the skin on my body was smoother, not drastically but there was an improvement.

"I feel like you would need to take it daily for a minimum of three months to really see the effects.

"If you had an event coming up and you want to go that extra mile, take it. If there's a skin issue and you want help from every angle, take it. Including essential fatty acids in your diet such as avocado, nuts, oily fish along with a high water intake will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. A good probiotic for your gut health and a multivitamin work wonders too."

Always consult your GP before making changes to your diet or starting a new regime of supplements.

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