Right Now, the Trendiest Nail Polish Colour Is ‘All of Them’

Can't decide on what colour? Choose them all.

Perfect for those indecisive types. 

Unless you never stray from your beloved 'Masquerade', nail appointments usually begin with a spike of stress all caused by one daunting question: "What colour do you want?" When there are easily over 200 shades displayed on the nail salon's shelf, it's an understandably overwhelming decision which might be why the multi-colour, mix-and-match nail polish trend is thriving.

There are two ways to achieve a rainbow manicure: either each nail gets painted an extremely different colour or all five are painted with different shades from the one colour family. It's an inclusive look, ideal for both the decisive person who enjoys reorganizing books by colour and for the indecisive soul who can never decide on where to eat, let alone what colour to paint their nails. 

The finished effect seems tricky to re-create without having a masters in colour theory, but there are several easy ways to get the look:

  • Instead of picking one polish from salon shelf, grab as many bottles as you can hold in two hands.
  • Next time you're in a hardware store, pick up one of a colour wheel and match your nails to whichever kitchen wall colour your heart desires.
  • Revisit the variety of hair colours Lady Gaga wore in 2011. 
  • Look at a rainbow. 

Go forth and paint the rainbow. 

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