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Sparkle Responsibly With These Sustainable Glitters

Taking the litter out of glitter...

Just in time for festival season...

With each annual music festival, Christmas party, or sometimes just a random Thursday - comes a whole lot of glitter. The glitter roots trend has been spotted on hairlines in the fields of Stradbally, and glitter-flecked models have been strutting down the runway season after season. 

But as festival season comes into full swing, seeing so much sparkle begs the question: Where does all that glitter go? 

In case you weren't already aware, glitter is pretty terrible for the environment. The conventional glitters you'll find on both craft and beauty aisles are just as bad the microbeads that have been banned from our skincare, because glitter, too, makes its way into our waterways and oceans. Not only does glitter pollute our oceans but they are ingested by the small and delicate organisms that live in our underwater eco-systems - and that's only the tip of the sparkly iceberg.  

But, alas, there is hope. Unlike vegan cheese (it’s just not the same!), sustainable glitter is just as sparkly, sticky, and awe-worthy as their mainstream counterparts. 

So if you need make your next glistening moment guilt-free (and keep your plumbing bills at bay), try one of these biodegradable glitter products.

For Face

Made from processed wood pulp, Wild Glitter breaks down within 90 days of use - though it stays put during application and through the sun-baked sets of your favourite artists. For a loose glitter look on cheeks or lips, we suggest using an aloe vera gel as a gentler way to stick glitter onto the skin. 

Gold Biodegradable Glitter in Gold Rush, €7.30, Wild Glitter 

For Eyes

A lot of sustainable glitters tends to be on the chunkier side...please do not put chunky glitters near your eyes if you value your eyesight. Instead, opt for a glitter based eyeshadow like this one from Hourglass. Apply with a dry brush for sheer, loose shimmers, or wet your eyeshadow brush for precise application. Bonus: it's PETA Cruelty-Free

Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow, €30, Hourglass

For Body

Look like a mermaid without poisoning any actual sea creatures. Unsurprisingly, Lush make that possible with their bath bombs in Sunnyside (yellow glitter), Golden Egg (gold glitter), and Dragon’s Egg (white glitter). Take a dunk before festival time and glow for it.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, €5.55, Lush

For Hair

When it comes to glitter hair, the bigger-is-better. Made with cellulose from eucalyptus trees, these noticeable flecks from Bioglitz are available in 8 colours and are safe for roots, ends, braids… all of it. Mix with aloe gel or a moisturizing butter like shea or coconut oil to apply.

Disco Chunk, €20, BioGlitz

Main image by Eliza Zunder on Pinterest

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