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Tan-Luxe's New Serum Is A Veritable Life Hack!

A few drops a day keeps the sun-damage at bay!

It's five skincare essentials in one bottle! 

There's a certain type of person who elects to regularly ingest their 5-a-day frozen and liquefied, vaguely resembling a sort of toxic sludge. Sure, some might argue that a morning smoothie lacks imagination and regardless of what you put in there, it'll always, always end up tasting of banana, but in terms of efficiency, there's a lot to be said about ticking a box with a few nutrient-dense gulps (even if they're done while holding your nose). 

While I'm certainly not advocating for drinking Tan-Luxe's new serum launch, it is packed with potent superfood ingredients and does the job of quite a few products (five to be exact) in a single step!

A premise that still holds its appeal, despite us being much less time-poor of late. 

Super Glow + SPF

Chance are, if you're reading this, you're well aware of the necessary role sun protection plays in all healthy skincare routines. Typically, SPF was an essential, yet extra step... until now!

Aligning with their brand 'tanifesto' of skincare meets self-tanning, Tan-Luxe have combined hyaluronic acid, superfood ingredients and a gradual self-tanner with broad-spectrum SPF 30 to create a product that quenches thirsty skin as it grants a dewy, naturally bronzed finish, all the while shielding skin from both UVA & UVB rays. 

Yeah, you've read that correctly; Super Glow SPF, €45, is essentially a primer, moisturiser, anti-ageing serum, self-tanner and SPF ALL.IN.ONE. 

SUPER-smart sun protection

Boasting all the benefits of its fantastic hyaluronic acid-based, self-tanning sister serum, with the added bonus of SPF, Tan-Luxe's Super Glow SPF provides essential protection against damaging UVA (rays that lead to skin-ageing, can penetrate through clouds + glass) and UVB (rays that cause both burning & tanning on the skin). 

The SPF itself is a chemical complex of 4 SPF agents (Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 8%, Octisalate 3%, Octocrylene 8%) and is free from mineral oils and silicones. It's worth noting though, that Super Glow SPF is not water-resistant, and if swimming or sweating, you might need something a little more heavy-duty. 

Lightweight and non-greasy in texture, the serum melts into skin with no white film left behind that can be typical when applying many SPFs and acts like a luxe multi-purpose primer, with the skin left with a natural, velvety finish.

Where It Should Sit In Your Routine

According to the brand's instructions, Super Glow SPF should be applied as the last step in your skincare regime, 15 minutes before sun exposure and regularly reapplied to maintain protection and glow.

Tan-Luxe recommends using twelve drops (half a teaspoon) on the face and décolleté daily, massaging into skin with circular motions, avoiding eyes and remembering to wash hands after application.

Just take our money now.

Shop Tan-Luxe's Super Glow SPF now at Brown ThomasArnotts, Cult Beauty and Space NK. 

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