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I Swapped My 8 Step Skincare Routine For A Multi-Use Balm, Here's What Happened To My Skin

Maybe 8 steps is a little excessive...

Can one product really be used as a primer, hand cream and lip balm? I investigate.

In theory, multi-use beauty products are the best invention ever. Cutting an entire step out of your morning routine? Sounds like a dream to me. But as anyone who has been bold enough to take a shower at their partner's house to then be met with the horror that is a 2-in-1 shampoo and condition, can attest's more like a nightmare than a dream. 

Because of this belief, I've been quite the sceptic of beauty products that claim to be multi-use. Sure, I've used lipstick as blush and applied bronzer to my lids for a sunkissed look but the thing here is that both those products never claimed to be something it wasn't. 

So, being the cynical beauty sceptic that I am, it's safe to say that I had my doubts when the new TanOrganic Skin Magic Wonder Balm (a multi-use this multi-purpose skin balm) landed on my desk. But because I'm also someone who will try anything in the name of beauty, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go. Partially because of the packaging (more on that in a second) and partially thanks to all the hand washing and hand sanitizer, my hands are painfully dry. 


Now let's discuss what initially intrigued me about the balm: the packaging. The balm is enclosed in a bamboo tub. Not only does it look attractive, but it is natural, ecological and from a sustainable source. Greta would be proud. 

As for the product itself, I initially used it as a hand cream thanks to all that vigorous hand washing and hand sanitizers. First off, the scent is like stepping into a spa, it absorbs quickly into your hands without leaving a greasy residue (so you can get on with emails and texts without slippery hands) and it makes your hands wonderfully soft. It helps to regenerate and protect hands with a combination of shea butter, olive oil, Myrica Cerifera fruit wax, orange peel oil, vitamin E and so much more. 

Skin Magic Wonder Balm, €44.99, TanOrganic

Seeing the (ahem) wonders this balm could do for my hands, I decided to apply it to other problematic ideas of mine, ie; chapped lips, dry elbows (glam, I know) and weak nails. I even applied to my face for some extra hydration. Similar to when I used the TanOrganic Skin Magic Wonder Balm as a hand cream, the shea butter, olive oil and rosehip oil brought my chapped lips back to life. As for my elbows, it hydrated and restored them too. What's more, after using the balm on my face, I noticed my foundation stayed put far longer than usual which is something I can only credit to this balm. Sadly, my nails weren't able to reap in the benefits of this multi-use balm but they've always been a lost cause. 

Perhaps what I found the most enticing about the TanOrganic Skin Magic Wonder Balm was not just the impressive list of ingredients but how it is also free from a list of skincare nasties equally as long. Traditional balms are healing and skin calming but they have a base usually of beeswax, and sometimes a drop of honey too. So, in replacement of beeswax, this balm actually uses an ingredient found in Japanese Wax Trees. Its wax is from the berries of the tree and it behaves just like beeswax. In the unique wax base is a host of nourishing oils from Rosehip, Olive, Blackcurrant, Orange Peel and Wheat Germ, plus Shea Butter and Vitamins C and E. This blend has antioxidants, essential fatty acids, anti-ageing properties and moisturisers, but it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too which is what allows it to be used for so many different things. As far as price goes, the TanOrganic Skin Magic Wonder Balm retails for €44.99 which after my experience, is worth every last penny. 

Skin Magic Wonder Balm, €44.99, TanOrganic

Will it replace my trusty eight-step skincare routine? Probably not – but that's simply down to the fact I love skincare and genuinely enjoy cleansing, cleansing again, exfoliating, toning, applying serum, eye cream, moisturiser and lip balm. Will I still use it? Absolutely. It's made me trust multi-use beauty products and I couldn't possibly deny the benefits I saw on my hands, lips and elbows. 

Main image by @amaka.hamelijnck on Instagram

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