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The Ouai has Launched a Pale Skin Must-Have

"Because we are constantly having the conversation with our community, it was a natural next step to move into the body space," Atkin tells Allure.

And, it's cruelty-free. 

The Ouai may have started out as a hair brand, launched by celebrity super-stylist Jen Atkin, but now it is venturing into skincare, with a new product drop that will please pale skin girls from here to Huntington Beach.

Appealing to skin-focused millennials everywhere, the LA-based cool-girl brand has just launched their own version of an after sun, which will spark all sorts of joy with those of a translucent persuasion.

Always pertaining to a beachy outlook on life, their latest launch is called After Sun Body Soother, for those days when you doze off under some midday heat.

The refreshing body soother helps to instantly "chill out" sun-exposed skin with a fizzing, foaming lather and cool-down ingredients. 

Boasting aloe leaf juice, cucumber extract and rose hip oil, After Sun Body Soother helps to heal, hydrate and moisturise dry and irritated skin after a day on the beach. 

True to form, Jen Atkin's latest drop also smells incredible, with a fragrance blend of Fijian coconut and pineapple.

The OUAI Body Soother is available to buy now on their website for £20 or from Arnotts in the coming months for €28. 

For those lucky enough to purchase the after sun before it imminently sells out – all you need to do is shake the bottle to activate the fizzing foam and apply all over to soothe frazzled skin immediately. 

With fragrances, hair care and now a skin soother under her belt – is there a chance that the celebrity hairstylist might be venturing into skincare any time soon?

"Never say never," she told UK Cosmopolitan.

Watch this space. 

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