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Trust Rihanna To Come Up With A Way To Wash Your Makeup Brushes That Doesn't Involve A Sink

There's no excuse for dirty brushes.

Washing our makeup brushes is like eating healthy and exercising. We know we're supposed to do it often but don't. 

It's 2020 and if you aren't aware that you should be washing your brushes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY., well, shame on you. That said, washing your makeup brushes is a chore. All that time could be put to good use doing things like watching Netflix, making vegan-friendly spaghetti, or attempting a mua-approved cut crease for the 50th time. 

However, when we do eventually bite the bullet and clean our brushes, we feel a thousand times better. There’s nothing like bouncing a squeaky clean Beauty Blender on your face, knowing you’re not just spreading around caked-on makeup from past uses. Not only is cleaning your tools important to keep them around longer, but it also rids them of bacteria build-up that can cause breakouts.

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So since makeup brushes need to be cleaned and sterilized frequently, why is it so daunting? Good news—it doesn't have to be, thanks to Rihanna. From the specially designed asymmetrical cheek-hugging brush to the flat-to-fat mascara wand, Fenty Beauty has been dropping unique and innovative-minded products since the launch of its initial 40-foundation shade range. Now, Rihanna has done it again with a game-changing, lightweight dry brush-cleansing sponge.

Dry Brush Cleaning Sponge, €20, Fenty Beauty available at Harvey Nichols

It’s a super-light tin with an accompanying black, tough-textured sponge inside. Ideal for when you're working with a couple of different eye or lip colours at once, you simply dip your brush into this dry sponge that removes colour in a flash so you can continue using the same brush while you swap colours quickly. Just remember to clean out the sponge every so often to remove the excess pigment. 

Of course, it’s not comparable to a full, scrubbing session with soap, water and a brush cleaner, but it definitely does the job and is a really compact tin meaning you can take it with you everywhere.

Keep scrolling to find even more genius way you can wash your brushes without going anywhere near a sink... 


Designed to remove makeup from your brushes between uses and deep cleans, this brush cleaner from Ella & Jo keeps your makeup brushes pristine while on the go. With a zest of Orange Peel Oil, your brushes will not only be clean but smell great too. What's more, it's anti-bacterial, conditioning, 100% Cruelty-Free and it's made here in Ireland. To use: simply spray some of the cleanser directly onto the brush, wipe cleaning using a tissue, allow to dry for two minutes and you're good to go. Easy. 

Ella & Jo Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser, €20, Ella & Jo

Dry Clean Instant Dry Brush Cleaner Spray

Dry shampoo for your brushes? Yes, it exists. All you need to do is spritz on a few short bursts directly onto your brushes, then swirl it on a tissue or paper towel to rub off the excess product. The only downside? It's from Sephora, US Sephora so either book a flight or ask your friend on their J1 to send some over. 

Dry Clean Instant Dry Brush Cleaner Spray, $14, Sephora

Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths

Just like a makeup wipe serves as a quick and efficient way to wash your face, makeup removing cloths for brushes are an insanely easy way to remove germs, debris, and caked-on powders. 

Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths, €6.91, Eco Tools


Infused with lavender and citrus extract, this cleansing spray will leave your brushes squeaky-clean and fresh-smelling. It dries fast, too, so you can spritz, wipe, and forget about it.

IT's Your Brush Love, €19, IT Cosmetics

Waterless Sponge and Brush Cleaning 

This waterless cleaner from Beauty Blender removes all residue without any rinsing needed. Spray the brushes or Beauty Blender sponge, saturate the brush entirely, and wipe the makeup off in a towel

Beauty Blender Instaclean, €15.95, Beauty Bay

On the Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner

Keep your brushes soft and squeaky clean with this makeup brush cleanser, by cleaning them weekly to rid them of all stubborn makeup residue. Spray, wipe, and repeat until they're sparkling clean.

NYX On The Spot Makeup Brush Spray Cleaner, €12, Boots

Just remember,  although each of these products clean your makeup brushes, you're gonna want to give them a deep cleanse at least once a week. Think of it like using your dry shampoo in your hair...eventually you've got to bite the bullet and wash it. 

Main image by Fenty Beauty

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