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An Inspired Way To Take Glitter Off, According To Sophie-Ellis Bextor

Christmas sparkle awaits.

We're coming into the most glitter-filled time of the year. 

Ergo, an industrial cleansing routine is entirely necessary. 

When it comes to heavy-duty make-up that will see us through the festive season, make-up remover tends to often just push the formulas around the face rather than leaving your skin feeling super fresh. 

A better method is definitely needed when it comes to wiping away a deep contour or an eyelid full of glitter. 

The great news? We've got one. 

The tip actually came from singer and glitter eyeshadow fanatic Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who is encouraging people to go bright with their make-up on November 17 for Children in Need.

Speaking to RTÉ, Ellis-Bextor revealed that sellotape is the key.

Keep a roll beside your sink before you go to bed and your sheets shouldn't be covered. Cheap, easy-to-find and like a lint-roller for your face. 

How did we never think of it before...

Main image by @jastookes

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