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What Is Body Combing? The Cellulite-Reducing Technique That Also Cleanses Your Energy Flows

Crystal lovers, get involved.

Does your qi need decongesting?

Body combing is an ancient Chinese self-healing treatment, an extension of gua sha that works a bit more deeply, providing a more intensive massage into the meridians. 

The practise involves the use of various tools on your body (mostly crystal-infused objects) to follow specific massage techniques along the meridians of the body to aid improved lymphatic drainage.

The 12 major meridian channels all start at the head. Along the meridians are places where qi is more accessible; these are where acupuncture needles are inserted or acupressure points stimulated.

Combing gently stimulates the meridian channels. The head is a bit different because there are many acupoints. So, even doing it very gently will help. 

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A root chakra block is common due to an over active sympathetic nervous system ( flight or flight) or weakened adrenal glands from stimulants. chanting ‘Ahhhh’ or ‘Laaam’ is a good way to fill this void and ground oneself. Meditation, or conscious trance, activates the “rest and digest” mode where healing occurs. Ways to balance the other energy points include massaging the glands such as the Thymus, or drum it like a Gorilla. These points are physical as well as emotional and spiritual so focus on holistic health. Try to stay in line with your circadian rhythm and the natural cycles of life. #333 #chakras #spine #anatomy #esotericknowledge #tao #metaphysics #metuneter #nature #fractal #electricuniverse #energy #chi #prana #meridians #144000 #crownchakra #pinealgland #3rdeye

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In China, meridian combs are used on the body by healthcare practitioners and spa therapists alike. 

Chinese medicine – which believes that to treat one part of the body you must treat all parts of the body – maintains that disease and health issues start at an energetic level, with a disruption of energy flow around the body. This stagnation can be caused by both physical, or emotional, upset.

This comb works to unblock energy channels which release stagnation. More importantly, it leaves you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Body combing works in a similar fashion to body brushing. It boosts lymphatic drainage, making it particularly effective for weight loss, water retention and cellulite.

Just as a jade comb is used on the head to draw circulation to the skin and clear the meridians, extending the ritual to the body promises to clear areas of stagnation, boost circulation, support lymphatic drainage, smooth the appearance of skin, encourage a smooth flow of blood and qi around the body, release tension, reduce cortisol, support immunity and nourish skin.

Regular practice will reveal beautiful, decongested, nourished skin all over your body: smooth upper arms, a supple and hydrated décolletage, and a reduction in keratosis pilaris, or chicken skin as its more commonly known.

In Chinese medicine, stimulating the skin with body combing strengthens Wei Qi, the defensive qi of the body. This supports immunity, reinforces your skin's texture and helps keep the muscles warm and strong.

While technique isn't of crucial importance here, when using a jade comb, body combing is most effective if you work with the meridian channels, which is why the suggested direction is different from Western body brushing.

Always use a lubricant, either oil or water in the shower.

Start with the neck, taking the comb down the back of your neck and out to the side of each shoulder. Then follow the middle line of the spine and stroke all the way down the back, followed by working out to each side.

Move on to the chest area and follow a similar approach from the middle of your breastbone. Finish by press-stroking down the outsides of your arms, and then down the legs, back and front.

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