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The Fastest Way Do Away With Blackheads, According To An Expert

If you've ever wanted to pick the mind of the cream of the skincare crop you're in luck: Irish Tatler asked skincare woman of the moment to lift the lid on what really works.

Of all the blemishes one could possibly contract, blackheads are perhaps the most infuriating. 

The urge to squeeze them is overpowering, and despite our best efforts to extract, they always manage to return – sometimes, even bigger than before. 

To figure it out how to deal with these everyday obscenities, we turned to a number of dermatologists to figure out what can help. 

Their answer? Retinoids; the skincare solution that everyone is talking about.

A derivative of the mighty Vitamin A, Retinol is being hailed as a holy grail wonder product thanks to its ability to answer a multitude of skincare concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven or pigmented complexion and dull, lacklustre skin.

What it does is prompt surface skin cells to turn over quickly while encouraging new cell growth. This helps pores be less susceptible to getting clogged.

But in the same vein, this new cell turnover helps your skin look more vibrant and youthful, so while you're treating your blackheads, you can also benefit from anti-ageing as well. 

As far as ingredients go, it's the ultimate multi-tasker, which is why it's earned itself a permanent place in most beauty insiders’ bathroom cabinets.

But, is it for everyone?

"I'm a massive retinol fan," Ciara Darcy, Dublin-based skin expert says. 

"Since introducing it to my routine my skin has honestly transformed. It is for you if you've got the basics spot on and you want to move up a level.

"Your basics are: morning cleanse, Vitamin C serum and SPF and an evening double cleanse, serum/moisturiser or both depending on your skin's needs.

"Retinol is another form of Vitamin A. It helps to minimise fine lines, decrease the appearance of pores and increase in cell renewal. Different brands and strengths are available. I would invest in good quality retinol and introduce it slowly."

Retinol doesn't have to be expensive either. The dermatologist-approved Differin boasts an international fanbase and ranges from €10 - €25.

The Ordinary – an affordable favourite among the skincare set – also boasts a wildly impressive Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane.

Having previously brought out a retinol-based formula, the powers that be upgraded all their retinols to a new formula called 'Granactive Retinoid'. Compared to their old formula, Granactive Retinoid gives better results against signs of ageing and leaves zero irritation on the skin. You can find these at Brown Thomas beauty hall. 

For a more detailed list of products dripping in Vitamin A, click here

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