This Multi-Tasking Oil Works Harder Than Your Entire Bathroom Cabinet

A ‘dry’ oil that is suitable for face, hair and body? Witchcraft!

In light of the recent multi-use beauty product trend, we're giving you the chance to win the cult favourite Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Use Dry Oil PLUS the new and even more nourishing sister product.

As you read this, you're probably also watching Netflix. And you're probably also emailing yourself some ideas for tomorrow's big meeting, too. And maybe you even have your wardrobe open because you're planning Electric Picnic outfits for this weekend, and you're on hour two of messaging with a friend who just got dumped. 

Sound familiar? Of course, it does, because when was the last time you actually had the luxury of doing just one thing at a time? You don't have time to be a one-tasker, and you also don't have time (or the money) to bother with skincare products that are one-taskers either. 

Luckily for you, we've come across a product so good, we're considering throwing out the entire contents of our skincare cabinet.

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It might seem like a total beauty classic nowadays, but oddly enough, Nuxe's Huile Prodigiuese wasn't always this iconic and loved-the-world-over body care staple that we know it to be now.

In fact, back in 1992 when the founder Aliza Jabès first developed the formula in her small Parisian lab, French pharmacists laughed in her face. "It'll never work," they said (in French, obvs), and they mocked her efforts to put a luxury face on the natural skincare world. And the fact she thought anyone would want to slather themselves head to toe in a rich golden divine oil? Yeah, they thought that was pretty laughable too.

Still, Jabès stuck at it, and thank the beauty gods too, as fast-forward 27 years, and Huile Prodigiuese is now the best-selling all-purpose oil in France and is a mainstay on Irish shelves too. It's so nourishing, you only need a little drop and suddenly frazzled hair becomes glossy again, dry shins are glazed in an unbelievable sheen, and deflated cheeks look plump and juicy.

Name a skincare - or just general life complaint - and I guarantee this oil will fix it. Dry skin? Apply post-shower for shimmery, baby-soft skin. Split ends? Put it on the ends of your hair and you'll have tresses shiny and supple. Dehydrated dace? Add a few drops to your moisturiser and watch the hydration. Ran out of perfume? HP imparts a touch of scent that isn’t overpowering Untameable brows? HP will fix it. Chronic cuticles? HP will fix it.

Basically, anything argan oil can do, HP can do, too - only better. And like all Nuxe products, it’s made from natural ingredients.

And due to popular demand, Nuxe only recently launched the hero oil in a new scent - florale. Whilst featuring the same natural composition and the same benefits as the original oil, the floral scent has been stripped of its warm, sunny fragrance notes to reveal a sweet, velvety and sensual base in a floral iteration that is equally as addictive as its sister scent.  

Want to try it for yourself? Then good news, not only do we have the OG Nuxe Huile Prodigiuese Multi-Use Dry Oil, but we also have the newest addition to the multi-use family, we have the Nuxe Huile Prodigiuese Multi-Use Dry Oil florale to give away to one lucky reader.

To be in the chance of winning a the Nuxe Huile Prodigiuese Multi-Use Dry Oil in both the OG scent and the floral, simply answer the question below.


Sorry, the promotion closed a couple of weeks ago and the winner has been contacted. Don’t worry, you’re still a winner to us. We have loads of other competitions running on the site every Wednesday.

Main image by @irishtatlerbeauty on Instagram

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