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WIN! The Latest Carter Beauty Brow and Eyeshadow Palette For You & A Friend

If eyes are the windows to the soul then brows are the window dressing...

Brow palette = game changer

My brows deserve their own memory book because let me tell you...we've been through it all. With my brows, there have been lots of good times, and there has also been a fair share of bad times: my skinny-brow stage, mismatched-brow stage, my grossly overdrawn stage and my abnormally sharply arched brow stage. 

But I'm proud to say I've learnt from my mistakes and both I and my brows have come out stronger. With the help of certain products, my brows are now living their absolute best lives. 

Brow pencils, pomades, gels, primers, powder - you name it, I've tried it. 

And as a result, I know what sticky gels to steer clear of, I know what kind of pencil will make it look like I've taken a child's marker to my face and best of all I know the products worth raving about.

Enter Carter Beauty. 

Earlier today, Marissa Carter announced the launch of ten new Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter products. From an Illuminating Primer to a four-piece brow kit with fibre gel (!!!) - the new collection is everything your face has been asking for and then some. 

Now back to that four-piece brow kit, Carter Beauty has launched four great brow products including two powders, a pencil and a fibre gel. Speaking about the launch, Marissa Carter explained the importance of good eyebrows;

"Great brows transform your face. Window Dressing has everything you need to create the perfect brow. The fibre gel is a personal favourite for filling out my brows (which were betrayed by the ‘90s). At €9.95 for four quality products, it is really great value."

Window Dressing Brown Kit in Light to Medium and Medium to Dark, €9.95, Carter Beauty

But what's the point of good eyebrows if you haven't the eyes to match? Carter Beauty have you covered there too. Also launching today is the Cherry Bomb Mixed Face and Eye Palette which features 12 eyeshadow shades from blossoms to our signature butter foils and glitters. Add in three generous face pans to contour, highlight and blush and it's the perfect all-in-one palette for traveling.

Cherry Bomb Mixed Face and Eye Palette, €14.95, Carter Beauty

To celebrate the launch, we're giving you and a friend the chance to win the Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter Cherry Bomb Mixed Face and Eye Palette plus the window dressing brow kits. 

For your chance to win, simply answer the question below...

All 10 new products are available in Irish pharmacies nationwide and online

Main image by Carter Beauty on Instagram

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