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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Beauty Routine For Autumn

It's time to reset your skin

To help mourne the loss of Summer, we've teamed up with Skin Formulas to give one lucky reader the chance to win the perfect Autumnal skincare hamper worth over €200. 

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but summer is officially over. It's time to hang up your sundresses, pack away your strappy sandals and wipe off that glossy lipgloss because winter is well and truly on its way. 

And with it, comes that tricky time between seasons - you know, when it’s not quite cold enough to sport that faux fur coat yet somehow last month’s newly purchased, open-toed wedges just don’t fit the bill. Gone are the high-humidity, sun-drenched afternoons and in their place, dry wispy winds, causing the onslaught of cracked cuticles, parched lips and, worst of all, transitional skin.

According to Pinterest, nearly a quarter of its users are on the hunt for "new skincare routine inspiration". It’s no wonder, really, since this Summer was hot and humid which bestowed its mark upon our face - pigmentation from excessive tanning, travel-induced dehydration, and inflammation from one too many piña coladas  - and the sudden plummeting of temperature can, quite drastically, impact the way our skin performs, looks and feels.

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But just like we swap our gauzy summer linen for thick, woollen jumpers, so too should we look to reinvent our skincare routines, curating them specifically for the season we are in. 

When entering a new season, sometimes it's best to do something different with our skin. In the summer, we tend to use less product because we naturally have a healthy glow (thanks, Vitamin D). But rather than compile so many products onto your face in a desperate attempt to keep that glow, taking a step back and doing a 'back to basics' reset is a great idea when wanting a fresh skincare start. Enter Skin Formulas. 

Created using a blend of the finest essential oils, prebiotics and active ingredients, this Irish skincare brand delivers a truly luxurious self-care experience with visible results.  The innovative skincare formulas are designed to balance your skin type and tackle even your worst skin concerns. And it just so happens to be suitable for vegans, cruelty-free, PETA approved and paraben-free. 

Forget everything you know - or heard - about 16 step skincare routines because the answer to smooth, hydrated, happy and healthy skin lies in the following five-step skincare routine. Oh, and follow it in this order too. 

1. Once and for all, stop using face wipes

Like most things built for convenience, face wipes are problematic. Sure, they're generally an effective cleanser, save time and easy to use but as you read this, the Amazon rainforest is still burning, the Great Barrier Reef is dying, Alaska’s sea ice is completely melting, California’s beaches are disappearing and face wipes are not helping. Needless to say, the best option is to cut out any form of wiping implement altogether. Not just for our planet's sake but for your skin's too. Switch to a creamy cleanser that doesn’t foam up like the OMC Formula from Skin Formulas so the skin doesn't get stripped of its natural oils. 

OMC Formula Cleanser, €30, Skin Formulas


You might wonder if exfoliation can exacerbate dryness, but in reality, a skin-sloughing agent is the best way to treat parched, flaky skin and stimulate natural oil production. Autumn is the best time to introduce an exfoliant once or twice a week, to treat all those dry areas. The Mask Exfoliator from Skin Formulas is an ultra-hydrating mask with fruit enzymes and glycolic acid to gently exfoliate the build-up of dead skin cells and infuse your skin with essential antioxidants. The nourishing botanical extracts stimulate a brighter, smoother, more radiant appearance.

Mask Exfoliator, €35, Skin Formulas


Hyaluronic acid has been a big beauty buzzword for a minute now. It's listed as an ingredient in countless skincare products - serums, face masks, moisturizers, and even cleansers. Most people know that it's a hydrating molecule, one that has the power to transform dry, chapped skin into something suppler and smoother meaning if it's not in your skincare routine now, it needs to be - immediately. The best way to introduce your face to hyaluronic acid is via the Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Skin Formulas which not only visibly increases your skin’s hydration levels, but also stimulates your skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen for long term results. Fine lines and wrinkles are instantly reduced. Moisture levels are increased. Skin looks softer, healthier and plumper.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum, €50, Skin Formulas


Eye creams can feel superfluous when you're already rubbing a day moisturiser, a night moisturiser, four different serums and a tonic into your face. But your new skincare routine for winter paired with a formula specifically designed to target the eye area that's packed with anti-ageing powerhouses like Tripeptides or Hyaluronic Acid, can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing fine lines. And speaking of great formulas, the Skin Formulas eye cream contains both of the luxurious ingredients above and then some. It brightens dark circles while moisturising and protecting the delicate eye area making it the dreamiest of products. 

Rejuvenating Eye Cream, €55, Skin Formulas

5. Night night

You know the drill: You're supposed to wear a moisturizer during the day (either paired with an SPF or one that offers sun protection), but did you know it’s important to use a night cream, too? Your skin actually goes into repair mode as you sleep and night creams are meant to link up with your circadian rhythm to treat and heal damage from the day. When looking for a night cream, look no further than the Night Cream from Skin Formulas. Packed with reparative and nourishing ingredients like ceramides and collagen boosters, the formula visibly reduces dryness and brighten the skin within two weeks.

Night Cream, €50, Skin Formulas

Now you know what it takes to compile the perfect Autumn/Winter skincare routine, allow us to give you one of your own. We've teamed up with Skin Formulas to give one lucky reader the chance to win an Autumn/Winter skincare shelf of their dreams worth over €200. But for those who don't win, Skin Formulas is available from selected Cara, Meaghers Pharmacies, Shaws Department Stores and online at

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