The Latest Hair Trend That Will Make You Rethink Your Chic Bob

It's a long story...

From Cher to Ariana Grande, XL hair is set to be this Summer's hottest hair trend. So with that in mind, we're giving you the chance to win a month's supply of Hush & Hush supplements worth €200.

There's long hair, and then there's extra long hair. The former is the bland look often worn by young girls. The latter, however, is a luxury reserved for one-name A-listers like Cher, Rihanna, Ariana, Kim...the list goes on. 

Despite the glaring impracticality of having 32 inches of hair flowing from your head, somehow, Cher Hair, Rapunzel hair, XL hair–call it what you will is coming for your mane this Summer. Pulled into high ponytails, bundled into buns, braided, twisted or left to tumble down, waist-skimming strands never fail to grab attention. 

When the blunt bob and loose lob reigned hair supreme over the past few seasons, it was easy to emulate. A pair of scissors and a steady hand was all you needed. However, hair-down-there isn't so achievable, unless you've been growing your hair out since 1993. So how can us mere mortals who go by two names - not one - ever achieve such #hairgoals? 

Well, in the few minutes it took you to read this far, your hair grew .00005787 inches. So maybe time is all you need or for those with a lack of patience, the answer lies in DeeplyRooted Capsules by Hush & Hush. 

Healthy hair starts at the root, and these daily nutraceuticals create the perfect foundation to encourage stronger, longer, thicker hair. Strengthen strands that have become weak, damaged and resistant to normal growth caused by over styling, hormonal changes and the ageing process. Proving Cher hair is just a gulp away, DeeplyRooted counts Clean Clinical Vitamins™, amino acids, fruit and botanical extracts as key factors to giving your hair an extra lease of life. 

And why stop there? Launched by the founders of Image Skincare, the Hush & Hush line consists of TimeCapsule and MindYourMind. To rejuvenate the body from the inside out and reverse the signs of ageing whilst preventing future damage, Time Capsule shields against external aggressors and regenerates from head to toe for a younger looking you by balancing the body and promoting overall youthfulness. To aid relaxation and sleep, MindYourMind is a melatonin-free nutraceutical which quiets the mind, body and soul for inner balance and restful sleep. 

And the best part?, we have a month's supply of Hush & Hush supplements worth €200 to give away to one lucky Irish Tatler reader. 

To be in the chance of winning a month's supply of TimeCapsule, MindYourMind and DeeplyRooted worth over €200, simply answer the question below. 

This competition is open to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland residents aged 18 or over unless any other age restriction is specified or implied. Closing date 05/06/19

Main image by @irishtatlerbeauty on Instagram

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