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15 Windproof Hairstyles That Will See You Through Storm Ellen

It's windy, like really windy.

There's a storm a brewin'

There is nothing worse than spending ages blow-drying your hair or perfecting the perfect updo, only to step outside and have the wind or rain ruin all your hard work. At this time of year, you're supposed to be able to step outside with perfectly tousled waves and without a care in the world. But alas, it's Ireland which means that just as the temperatures were starting to rise, a storm comes along.

This kind of unpredictable weather plays havoc on our hair in a number of ways, but until someone invents a wind umbrella, our days now consist of constantly pulling strands of hair out of our lip gloss as our hair is whipped about our faces.

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But help is at hand with our selection of windproof styles, tried and tested by some of our favourite celebs and staff. If you have a big event (read: a zoom quiz) and need a standout 'do that'll stand up to the gales or you're just leaving the house to nip to the shops and would rather not look like cousin IT on a Thursday, we have a stunning visual menu of hairstyles that will help you withstand whatever the weatherman has to throw at us – even those pesky cats and dogs.


One way to tackle a windy day is to take back control of anything the elements throw at us. In other words, go with that windswept look! Sweep your hair over into a side parting with your fingers and mist with a finishing spray to hold your desired volume and texture in place.


Bella Hadid may be wearing a bikini here which, FYI, is not storm proof but her hairstyle one hundred per cent is. Part your hair to the side, braid it and slide in a clip. It's an easy way to get out the door in the morning without looking like you haven't brushed your hair in five days (which, like, guilty).

low bun or ponytail

If you can't be dealing with your hair on a wet or windy day then pull all the tendrils and flyaways into a low ponytail or bun.

braid your fringe

The fringe really does take the brunt of any bad weather, so hide it away in a braid. 


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A telltale sign of the weather wreaking havoc is around the hairline where it can go frizzy and wavy (and not in a good way). By wearing a sleek centre part and tucking the hair behind your ears and securing with a cute clip, you minimise the possible destruction that can occur.

high bun or pony

If you limit the movement in your hair down to the swish of a ponytail or prevent any movement whatsoever with a top knot bun, you'll be in safe territory.


Why wear one pony, when you could wear two? 

braided pigtails

Speaking of pigtails, make them even more windproof by braiding. 


Another way to control and protect your hairline from ending up a complete mess is to use a hairband to disguise what lies beneath.

incase it's raining 

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Use L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Wet Domination Extreme Splash (€14) to create a dual texture: wet-look roots and dry mid-lengths and ends.

the all up

When gale forces are at an all-time high, do your hair a favour and pin each piece of it up. Add some bejewelled clips to give the style extra credentials.

half up half down, 2.0

For those of you with a big head complex (guilty), you may not be totally comfortable with tying up all of your hair in fear of big head exposure.  Cue the half-up, half-down hairstyle. A super-subtle variation of that half-up hairstyle you wear daily, this side-parted look is definitely going to be one of your go-tos during stormy days (just make sure you lock it all down with a finishing spray).


The wind can't mess with what it can't touch, so wrapping your hair tightly in a ribbon—particularly a velvet one—is a great way to get it out of your face without having to worry about your ponytail getting soaked and matted down.

sleek bun

Wrap and pin your hair into a loose knot at the nape of your neck, then keep the sides in place with a row of black bobby pins. What storm?


Wear a beanie. You know, because sometimes the worst weather happens to the best people.

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