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The Makeup Artist-Approved Method Of Applying Liner For All Eye-Shapes

Trust us: it's easier than you think it is.

Because if you're going to take winged eyeliner advice from anyone, let it be a renowned makeup artist like Daniel Chinchilla. 

The moment you master winged eyeliner, the classic shape becomes the only thing you want to wear. You suddenly start talking to your mirror as if you're filming a 'Get The Look' tutorial. It's like the first time you learn how to properly poach an egg, and you instantly transform into a Masterchef and genuinely consider entering the contest. 

But just how you have to crack a dozen or so eggs to get that perfect poach, mastering the winged eyeliner involves a lot of wiping, re-applying and giving up altogether. See, winged eyeliner can absolutely sense fear. Whether you opt for a pen, pot or pencil as an application tool, what starts out – in your mind – as a fiercely sharp cat-eye can end up an uneven, smudged and sooty mess in a matter of seconds if you haven’t gone about it with military precision.

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So, to save you time (and potentially tears), we reached out to the make-up artist behind Ariana Grande's iconic liner and KVD Vegan Beauty Cat Eye Ambassador, Daniel Chinchilla to find out how to create the perfect winged eyeliner, every single time.

how to create the perfect eyeliner flick:

Step One: Arm Yourself With The Right Tools

"The most important thing is the tool. There is a million eyeliners and products for eyeliner, but if you don’t have the right tool, it makes it impossible," says Daniel. The product he reaches for time and time again in the KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner, €22. "It creates such a smooth, precise line because its bristles mimic a makeup brush so it's easier to use"

Step Two: Know Your Eye Shape

Your eye shape is a huge factor in how your liner will turn out. To make things easier, Daniel has devised the ultimate guide to creating the perfect winged eyeliner depending on your eye shape:

Hooded Eyes:  “If you have hooded eyes, you do need to go heavier on the eyeliner towards the ends and make it a little bit thicker, because we need the extra lift.

Deep-set Eyes: "If you have a more deep-set eye and go too thick, then it is going to make your eyes appear heavier or more dramatic. I always recommend going thinner on the inside and thicker on the outside."

Mature Eyes: "For a more mature eye, I create a more even liner, with a smaller flick.” 

Almond Eyes: "For Almond eyes always line with a purpose and envisage where you are going with the liner before you start. Begin with one swipe towards the end of your eyebrow. Next step is to bring the wing inward, do this with one or two swipes and then fill in."

Monolids: "For Monolids, you can go a little bit heavier and thicker, but I always recommend going thinner on the inside because you do not want to close the eye upon the inner part of the eye."

Step Three: Learn Your Lines

"For me, it’s all about the flick, that is the most important part. Do not start at the end of the eye, instead draw a parallel line which is going to make it lift the end. Start small and build as you go, take a pause mid-way and take a look in the mirror with your eyes open, then draw a little more and repeat.

I always recommend going thinner on the inside and thicker on the outside. That way you are opening the eyes as opposed to closing them up. You’re lifting the ends; you’re not weighing them down.

You can control how thin you make your line with how much pressure you apply."

Step Four: Cheat Your Way To Perfect Symmetry

"Another pro tip is to use tape, it’s a really great way to not stress about how to achieve the perfect flick!"

Step Five: Don't Go Too Far

"Another common mistake is going too far out, I see this a lot. If you’re going all the way to the end of your eye – because our eyes slant down at the end – you’re going to make the eye droop. Instead of going down, start flicking up towards the end."

Main image by @arianagrande on Instagram

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