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Winter Haircare: Expert Approved Tips For Smooth, Healthy Hair During The Colder Months

Keeping that frizz and dehydration at bay.

You know what hates these Arctic Tundra-like temperatures more than your face? Your colour-processed, heat-styled hair. 

And while we're conscious to slather on a hydrating face mask or two, between now and spring, we're less inclined to adopt a winter-friendly hair-care routine.

Here's how to go about detangling the indiscernible clump of frizz caused by hats, scarves, hoods or all of the above. 

1. Sleep on silk 

Upgrading your pillowcase to a fancy silk one will prove helpful in preventing unnecessary breakage and frizz, (your woolly layers will do enough of that for you)!

A cotton version will absorb moisture away from your hair (and skin), while the smoother fibres won't conduct static electricity. Your Christmas blow-dry will also last longer too. 

Embroidered silk queen pillowcase, 95, 

2. Shampoo Smart

Leaving the hair squeaky clean but never stripped, this smart shampoo combats the effects of environmental aggressors while injecting hair with moisture — allowing you to wash your hair less frequently without compromising on manageability.

Repair Shampoo, €30, OUAI 

3. Treat Yourself 

Drop a few pennies putting a more heavy-duty hair conditioner into your cart. Investing in a quality hair mask that is packed with nourishing oils will entice you to leave it on for more than a few minutes.

But don’t save it for a special once-in-a-while treat either. Slap it on every three to four days, depending on how dry your hair feels. Now is no time to skimp.

Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask, €36, 

4. Dry Right 

Bath towels are not gentle enough for your wet hair.

Keep your towel where it belongs (around your body), and reserve a hair turban for your head. Not only does it dry your hair 50% faster than terry cloth, but it also prevents breakage and frizz during the drying process.

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban and Hair Towel, €46.45, Look Fantastic 

5. Keep Cool

This brick-cold weather isn't doing anything to help your hair, but frying it with styling tools won't do it any favours either.

Be certain to use a dryer that's infused with ionic technology to dry hair gently and to seal the hair cuticle, so it looks smoother and feels healthier than ever.

Air® Hairdryer, €129, ghd

Stylist's Tip:

The cold can make your hair feel very brittle. Never go out in the cold with damp hair, as this is when the cuticles are open and hair tends to frizz and go static.

Make sure it's 100% dry before you go outside.

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