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The Number One Worst Thing You Can Do To Your Skin, According To An Expert

If you've ever wanted to pick the mind of the cream of the skincare crop you're in luck: Irish Tatler asked skincare woman of the moment to lift the lid on what really works. 

We all know, generally, what we should and shouldn't do to our skin. 

Wash before bed, don't pick and try our best to stay out of the sun. 

But, what is the worst thing that we can do to our skin – and are some of us guilty?

We asked Dublin-based skincare specialist Ciara Darcy to give us the skinny on which steps are doing more harm than good and which are non-negotiable. 

"Not wearing an SPF every single day!" she states.

"Even on the days that you hide inside from the lashing rain. I'm not wearing an SPF when I'm inside, I hear you say! Let me try to change your mind... your skin is affected by HEV (high energy visible) light.

"This light is emitted from your phone, laptop and TV. Advanced SPF's will block HEV rays protecting your skin from premature ageing. SPFs also protect against free radical damage. Free radicals fight healthy skin cells.

"They are there hail, rain or shine in the form of pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation, even chemicals used in cleaning products. Wearing an SPF every day creates a shield to protect your skin against them, it's the number one product to keep your skin healthy."

As for choosing which one is for you, Ciara's done the homework on that, too.

"Up until recently, it's fair to say it was hard to love wearing an SPF," she begins.

"They could look chalky, ridiculously shiny, excessively sticky or cause absolute havoc with your skin. I pretty much tried them all and stayed loyal to none, until I found my desert island product: Alumier Clear Shield SPF. It is a physical factor that's chemical-free.

"It also doubles up as my moisturiser saving me valuable time in the morning! It contains micro-encapsulated hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the skin because it is micro-encapsulated it is drip-fed into the skin over eight hours.

"In the past, I've found SPFs a nightmare under makeup, this one ticks all the boxes and is definitely worth giving a go!"

Main image by @jessthe_mess on Instagram

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