Once in the realm of the discrete socialite  – and celebrities who overdid it – cosmetic procedures are winging their way to an Irish high street near you.

Not so long ago procedures, even non-invasive ones, were something carried in secret and rarely discussed.  There was the era of celebrities overdoing it (over-filled lips, foreheads you could bounce a coin off) and that phase of illicit Botox parties in affluent suburbs but all has changed. Treatments are widely discussed among friends and colleagues, practitioners recommended. Most strikingly, availability is on the up – to put it mildly!

Hitting the high street

If there was doubt the news that high street pharmacy Superdrug is to offer Botox and fillers in its stores should be proof enough. The company just announced it is rolling out the Skin Renew service in response to feedback from 10,000 customers.

Treatments will be available to customers aged 25 or over and will include a full clinical consultation. The new offering launches this week at the flagship London store, and will be rolling out across the UK thereafter.

There’s no word yet on whether or not Skin Renew will reach Irish and Northern Irish Superdrug stores. Either way, Irish consumers will have plenty of high street options if they’re seeking a quick ‘refresh’.

Fillers at your fingertips

Earlier this year Cork entrepreneur Pat Phelan indicated his chain of doctor-led beauty clinics could “become the Starbucks of cosmetic treatment". Phelan co-founded Sisu Aesthetic Clinic, with doctors Brian and James Cotter. With three clinics already in Ireland, offering Botox, fillers and other treatments, the trio behind Sisu aims to open clinics in 100 locations across Ireland and Europe within the next three years. 

And one of the best know companies in the beauty and cosmetic treatment sphere, Thérapie Clinic, is to open a Dublin clinic dedicated to injectables. Consumer appetite for such treatments has led to this new move; Thérapie Clinic CEO, Phillip McGlade revealed that the Botox and filler side of the business has tripled in the recent months in Ireland. The new Thérapie Aesthetic Clinic, located on Dublin’s South William Street, opens in September. 

Undoubtedly fillers and Botox work well for many and are now the norm in many beauty regimes. Our advice? Do your research and make sure you're heading to a place that knows what it's doing. Your face will thank you. 


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