#TFW Glossier announces it\'s going to ship directly to Ireland!

#TFW Glossier announces it's going to ship directly to Ireland! Instagram: @glossier

To mark Glossier finally including Ireland on its shipping destination list, we're putting a couple of questions to our forever girl-crush and ultimate #GlossierGirl Emily Weiss. 

Emily Weiss is the brains and beauty behind Glossier, a brand that began selling cosmetic products off the back of her blog's success in 2014. It now has a worth of $86 million in venture capital funding, has 150 + employees and ships to Canada, the UK, and Ireland to satiate the cult-like need for their functional-yet-cute products. 

Working for it since 1985

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Q: Firstly, tell us a bit about your daily beauty routine. (Eeeek. We are dying to know!). Also, what are your go-to products, outside of the Glossier range ?

EW: My beauty philosophy is similar to that of Glossier—skin first, makeup second. I like to keep things simple for everyday and focus on hydrated and healthy skin. I also love taking baths as a way to unwind. And lately, I've really enjoyed using the Goop G.tox Detox 5 Salt Bath Soak.

Q: Do you have a beauty icon? 

EW: I’m most inspired by the Glossier community. Scrolling through Instagram or reading a Top Shelf on 'Into The Gloss' always sparks new ideas and reminds me that everyone has a unique approach to beauty.


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Q: Glossier is perhaps the brand that has redefined modern beauty, starting in your words as a ‘crazy idea’. What was the defining moment that drove you to turn it into more than an idea and go out and make it happen?

EW: I started 'Into The Gloss' because I wanted to create a space where people could celebrate beauty and share their routines. The women I was interviewing and the community that formed around the site had so much to say about their own experiences and it struck me that brands were failing to leverage the power of their own customers. There had always been a "brand knows best" approach—here's an issue and a product to fix it. It really was an ah-ha moment when I decided that, with our community, we could create a modern beauty experience that empowered people to be their own experts.


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Q: You have been so ahead of the game with predicting trends. What do you see as the next big thing in the fashion and beauty sphere?

EW: We focus less on trends and more on what's essential. Falling in love with a face wash that works and that you want to use forever—that's a great experience and one that we try and create with all our products.


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Q: Do you think we will still be dedicated Instagram users in the foreseeable years or do you see a different kind of social media (if it is social media at all!) taking to the forefront?

EW: Instagram has evolved significantly since its launch - now people are using the platform to connect with people they've never met, brands are offering shoppable posts, and publishers are introducing new content strategies. It's exciting to think about how social media will continue to evolve.

Glossier.com​ will officially begin shipping to Ireland starting ​Tuesday, May, 15th​ 2018 and Emily and her team are so excited to get product into the hands of some of their biggest fans and ​make Ireland, well, a little Glossier! 

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