Racking up an audience of 17.1 million people for its finale, The Bodyguard is one of most watched TV drama since records began. True-crime or well-produced crime dramas, it seems we don't tend to discriminate.

If a dramatized storyline, an intense soundtrack, and some brief-but-welcome romance are enough to convince you that plans for a productive weekend will have to take a back seat, start making your way through this lineup of great crime shows. 

Sorry laundry, you'll have to wait.... again. 


The reason this dark drama is so gripping isn't just because the lead, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther is played by People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2018, although it that does certainly help. Warning: Watching Luther may induce some sleepless night disputing why Idris Elba should be and deserves to be the next James Bond.

The Fall

Again with the broody, attractive male protagonists. This psychological thriller looks at the lives of two hunters - one is a serial killer (Jamie Dornan) who preys on victims in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the other is a female detective (Gillian Anderson) drafted from the London Metropolitan Police to catch him. Zero Christain Grey feels with this one. 

Happy Valley

Strong-willed Sergeant Catherine Cawood first hit screens back 2014 with a debut series that delivered heartbreak, thrills, laughs and a formidable lead performance. Haunted by her teenage daughter’s suicide, a divorce, a sister recovering from alcohol and heroin addiction, and oh, a kidnapping, the follow-up surprised by being every bit as good as the first.


Getting invested in the lives Marcella Backland and company is made easy by the London detective's marriage woes, grief baggage, and her memory blackouts. Anna Friel plays the 'un-coplike' cop so well and despite still being good at her job, you really just want to know what’s going on inside Marcella’s head.


Set over the course of four days in London, Collateral explores the spiraling repercussions surrounding the murder of a pizza delivery man. But Olympic pole vaulter-turned detective Kip Glaspie (Carey Mulligan) is on the case to determine if this really was a random act of violence or if there is a darker truth.


An engaging crime drama, by way of counter-terrorism, Informer is an unsettling delve into the murky world of police informers and the disjointedness of the narrative keeps you on your toes throughout. As it develops, you begin to realize that the jigsaw storyline will only make true sense at the very end. 

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