Grace O\'Shaughnessy, MD of Java Republica

Grace O'Shaughnessy, MD of Java Republica

Managing Director of Java Republic, Grace O’Shaughnessy shares why having a conscience and great collaborations are the secrets of success. 

Ever wondered what Ireland's C-Suite women hold dear as values in the workplace? Here, coffee guru and business woman Grace O'Shaughnessy gives us her top five strategies for successful business life, and explains why caring about people is a priority. 

1. Strive to expand…

...Into new channels, regions and add new products and solutions. We continually evaluate internal procedures and structures and place a lot of focus on whether or not they will they support the business when it operates on a bigger platform. Plan for the peaks and troughs, minimise surprises and maintain key values.

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2. Future proof your business

Innovation has always been key for us. The coffee industry has changed so much in the last few years. If you don’t stay on top of the latest trends and listen to what your customers are saying, you won’t succeed. The development of our people has also been instrumental in our success and will continue to be so as we look to the future.

3. Have a conscience

You can be guaranteed that every cup of Java Republic coffee and tea is ethical and sustainable. From the very first beans we ordered, we’ve worked hard to bring the benefits of our success to the people who make it all possible – the farmers that grow our beans. No other company gets as close to origin as we do, and doing so allows us to support them on a much more personal level.

4. Foster collaboration

I am always seeking out new ways to upskill and to gain knowledge that will add value to the business. Just recently I completed an Executive MBA in DCU. We have a great work ethic of being open and collaborative with each other. I also draw inspiration from our two cafés in Dublin. As a team, we use these to gain valuable insights into consumer trends, which has been key to our ongoing success.

5. Champion sustainability

When you are in the business and when you grow as big as we have, it becomes your responsibility to support the environment in whatever way you can. Our carbon neutral roastery is something we are very proud of, as it was the first purpose-built in the world. The Carbon Clear projects that we work with are helping to protect the world, and our compostable cups are a major step forward in the fight against plastic and which have been a key part of our ongoing sustainability plan.

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