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Franciane of

Kiss goodbye to retro water coolers and peeling carpet; co-working is giving office life a serious upgrade

Photographs: Hazel Coonagh. In conversation with Brenda McCormick.

Hot desking, rented offices: previously, the idea of shared workplaces may have conjured up images of lonely freelancers sitting at bare desks (Pot Noodle for one, anyone?). But the new generation of flexible work locations are cool, high-tech, design-led spaces. The perks? Flexibility – choose hot-desking or serviced office space – and the ready-to-go infrastructure. Slick interiors, central locations and melting pot creativity don’t hurt either. Irish company Iconic Offices has 15 locations in Dublin, including The Greenway and The Brickhouse (pictured). We spoke to four people embracing this new, work/hipster life blend.

Robyn Church

Head of client services, Clive Agency at The Brickhouse.

“Clive is a live events agency and we opened our Dublin office last August. My job is to help head up the office and grow the client base here. We work with brands to help bring their personalities to life so it was important to have a base that was reflective of our own personality. We have ‘floating membership’ at a co-working space called The Brickhouse and it’s a really good base for us. The infrastructure is here already so we don’t have to worry about wi-fi, security, good coffee and all that start up stuff! I would describe my working style as collaborative, determined and creative. I deal with clients daily and the key is to listen – and ask lots of questions. We try to get under the skin of briefs and brands every day. We challenge the norm and seek creative solutions to bring brand personalities to life. Open communication and collaboration with clients, partners and colleagues is absolutely key in moving forward with projects in a meaningful way.” Clive Agency

Franciane Lorenzetto

Office manager and executive assistant, UBiqube at The Brickhouse.

“UBiqube is a software innovator with a HQ in Dublin. The company is made up of a mix of thinkers and doers from telecom OSS, networking, security and software development backgrounds. I manage the office in Dublin and I also look after HR and admin for the wider company (which has locations in India, France, the USA and Japan). As a manager, I need to make people aware that they are part of a big team. We are lucky to have technology on our side, we are always connected with the rest of the world and are frequently in calls via Zoom and Webex. We move around the building – it’s a very sociable space; it gives a break to the office environment and leads to a relaxed day.” Ubiqube

Rosie Connolly

Fashion and beauty blogger, Co-working at The Greenway.

“I am a full-time blogger and qualified makeup artist. I opted for a co-working space as I wanted get out of my home office and be surrounded by other people who are working. I find an hour or two in the office is worth a full day or more at home in terms of productivity. I love lists! They’re the only way I can keep on track of what I need to get done, what’s urgent, what can wait. As a blogger, I do a lot of collaborations. I will only work with a brand once I have a good relationship
with them. I need to love the product and really feel passionate about it. I also make sure that it’s something my followers will enjoy.” Rosie Connolly

Suzie McAdams

Interior designer, Co-working at The Greenway.

“We run a consultancy and specialise in high-end residential projects. We do a lot of renovation of Georgian or Victorian buildings and work alongside conservation architects. There’s a lot of variety to the job; sometimes I’d be in dusty jeans and a parka, but then I could be presenting to a corporate client. There’s a graphic design company opposite us, co-working is very social but we still have our own designated area. Interiors impacts everything I do: the restaurant I want to eat in, the hotel I wish to stay in and the glassware I drink from. I’m a slight design obsessive – I don’t want to bring a potential client into a space that has terrible flooring and bad lighting. You kind of have to practice what you preach, I think.”

Suzie McAdam