Essential oils can be used in cooking too

Essential oils can be used in cooking tooShutterstock

We use essential oils in our beauty, homeopathic and health routines, so why not in our cooking too? Advocate of essential oil-based cooking Sharon Hearne-Smith extolls the benefits of getting more of your daily essentials from oils.

As we are nature, our bodies know exactly what to do with essential oils, so they act fast and very effectively. I am repeatedly astounded by the incredible effects they have on our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Plants produce essential oils to protect themselves from mould, fungus, viruses and bacteria. Benefits to us also include boosting immunity, pain relief, reduced anxiety, improving sleep issues, balancing hormones, fighting infections, aiding digestion, soothing sore muscles and joints and supporting healthy respiratory function to name a few.

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I’m horrified by the amount and types of synthetic fillers, preservatives and other chemical products we can be exposed to daily in our personal and beauty products, home-cleaning products and medicines. These are all having a detrimental effect on not just our environment, but of course our health and wellbeing. I’m thinking of allergies, skin, digestive and respiratory problems, the disruption of hormones and fertility and of course the big C to name a small few.

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Discovering DoTERRA’s 100 per cent pure essential oils has transformed the way I manage my family’s health and wellbeing. I also make great use of them in our home cleaning and personal products, which helps reduce our toxic load further. I feel very empowered to have DoTERRA’s essential oils as my simple one-stop-shop packed full of natural solutions for my home and family. 


The most versatile and amazing oil! 💜 . This little bottle right here can be used for so much! Frankincense essential oil is balancing and grounding, incredible for reducing stress and tension, is super anti inflammatory, strongly antioxidant, and very supportive to the immune system! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 . Here are the different ways I use this roller: -apply to chest and back for coughing or chest congestion. -apply to spine for immune support -apply to facial skin-frankincense is incredibly anti aging because of its antioxidant properties! -apply to any skin blemishes or minor scrapes to promote healing. -apply to scars to reduce appearance and promote healing -apply to head and neck for headaches -apply to neck and shoulders to reduce tension -apply to sore muscles -apply to head and spine to help with brain/neurological issues . So many amazing benefits! And I love the touch roller because it is so convenient and easy to use! 😊 . Have you been thinking about getting started with oils? Why wait? Ask me about my starter kits and freebies! They won’t last so message me or email [email protected]! 😊💜 . #doterralove #oilylife #antioxidant #frankincense

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For more info on essential oils, check out Sharon's website.

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