New Year's Eve can be an expensive affair, why not save a few bucks by doing your hair yourself? No need to be a trained hairdresser or amazingly talented with those crafty, step-by-step tutorials. If we can do it...So can you! Here are a few of our favourites: 

1. A modern twist on a classic with this twisted bun by Melissa Cook

2. Luxy Hair has our romantic hairdos needs covered with those 3 easy braided tutorials

3. Kayley Melissa's tutorials will delight those of us with medium to short hair

4. Alex Gaboury gives us Anna from Frozen vibes.

5. Many of us have succombed to the bob trend this year, just like Olivia Culpo. 

6. And a last one for all the curly-haired girls around, thanks to Aveda

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